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  1. Oh, i figured it out. After my members ran out I went back to Han and he finally let me know how much longer i have, it was like 100 more days or something. I am not sure why I couldn't get that info while my members was still active. But that got me thinking and I realized I had another character before my main. Sure enough it was eligible for the 10 year cape.
  2. oh well, my members just ran out, I will work on it again next time I get members, thanks for the help guys.
  3. If you talk to Han he WILL give you a chat box message telling you how long if you ask him about it. And if he won't give it to you its a pretty safe bet your account is not old enough, simple as, but he WILL tell you days til you can claim it. Two factors to remember in account age: 1) It is THIS account if you played RSC on some other noob accounts that doesn't matter. 2) The earliest 'join date' Hans uses is from feb 02 when members launched and Jagex actually started tracking join dates. Oh yeah, It says my account questions were set on feb 02, i completely forgot about that. I will have to post a some screen shots from my discussion with Han, maybe I am doing something wrong but I don't get any message about how long before I can claim my cape.
  4. Hey, thanks for the replies guys. Now I am not sure if i just haven't played 10 years yet or if something else is wrong. I don't get any sort of message from Han about how long I need to wait. All I can remember is paying about 250,000 for my first halloween mask and being really upset when sleeping bags were introduced.
  5. I run a mac as well. I had to download the client and jump through some hoops to get it to work and even then I can't get the screen adjusted right, I finally gave up. Runescape is not very mac friendly.
  6. My last day of membership for awhile and I was bored. I decided it might be fun to go get my 10 year vet cape. I had heard that f2p cannot wear the cape so I thought I would go grab it to check out the cape emote before my members ran out. Sadly Han will not offer me anything but the 5 year cape. I can't figure out why so I thought I would ask if anyone knows what the problem might me. I never had members during classic, I am wondering if that might be the problem. I am not sure how long I played before RS2 came out but I was thinking Runescape 2 had been out for 10 years now, maybe thats where I am wrong. If anyone has any ideas let me know.
  7. I was just able to get back on. It appeared that only one world was down when I went to choose my world but when I clicked log on about half suddenly said they were offline, free and members.
  8. Yeah, I reset Safari. It clears the cache, temp files, and whatnot. Restarted the comp and still can't get Runescape.com to load. Oh well, I will try again later. Oh, and I just remembered something else. When I logged on earlier today about half of the free servers were down, I thought that was strange.
  9. I cannot get runescape.com to load. Thought I would stop by here and see if anyone else was having trouble. I was just playing this morning without any trouble. Edit: I'm from the midwest, Iowa
  10. I'm definitely gonna bring some mage defence on my next run, I hate that I pray on Ahrim. I would love to hear more about your strategy. I am guessing you mage Dharok, Verac, Guthan, and Torag? Range Ahrim? Melee Karil? I wish I only used 2 doses of ppot per run, I bet my average is closer to 4 doses.
  11. I see a lot of guys doing that. I have yet to try it because I have never really like maging. I will definitely read up on that tactic. Oh, I do use the wrench, one of the few quests that I have done. =)
  12. 99 Attack and Strength 98 Defence 86 Range 79 Prayer 83 Magic I wear Guthans armor at Barrows. For Dharok I use my black salamander and pray the whole fight. After this fight I head to Karil. For Karil I use my whip and pray the whole fight. After this fight I head to Ahrim. For Ahrim I spec with my dragon dagger, and then switch to my whip. I have mixed results with Ahrim. Occasionally my dragon dagger will hit really well and I can kill him rather quickly. Usually I do not spec well though, and end up taking a lot of damage fighting him. For this reason I have been praying to fight Ahrim as well. After this fight I head to Verac. For Verac I switch back to my salamander. Sometimes I pray, sometimes I don't. Kind of depends on if I have prayer points left, and how many pray pots and food I have left. After this fight I head to Guthan and then Torag. For Guthan and Torag I use my salamander as well. I rarely pray, occasionally will use food. Once I enter the tunnel my first priority is healing with my Guthans. If I have Dharok or Karil in the tunnels I will pray. I also heal with my Guthans before I leave the tunnels. I tend to rely on my pray and Guthans healing ability. Food is basically used when I get in trouble. I have not trained Dungeoneering. I really hate questing although I do have the holy wrench which seems to help. I have a Sara Godsword. I have a lot of armor, Bandos, Arma, lots of Barrows. I am looking for some advice on my strategy. To extend my trip I need to reduce my reliance on prayer potions. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  13. I am very interested in hearing what the discussion is about. Edit- Hey Darkdude, just noticed our tipit accounts were made on the same day, how wierd is that.
  14. Thanks lordkafei for posting the quickfind code, that is the post i was reading.
  15. I was looking around the forums today and saw a post about fansite support or something. In it they had listed several fansites but Tipit was not on that list. That seemed really strange to me. Anyone know why that is, or if Jagex has some sort of problem with Tipit. I can even remember Andrew posting here a few years ago. It all seems odd to me. I didnt happen to get the quickfind code but im sure i can find it again. I will be back to check on this in a few hours, I hope someone has some sort of answer. Thanks
  16. ive always hated hunter but 2 quests i want to do require that i work on it... i am currently level 53, i need level 61 for one quest and 65 or the other quest. what should i train on? ive been doing falconry, should i stay with that or move on to something else? any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  17. So I got the void range set. I tried it on with my other range gear and I got a range attack bonus of roughly +110. That seemed really low to me, so I put my Karils on and I came up with a range attack bonus of roughly +160. Then I looked at the defence, the Karils magic and range defence is like 30 points better. I guess I'm still just cunfused on what I'm gonna use this set for. Kinda upset I spent so much time at PC getting it.
  18. Another quick question, are the gloves considered part of the set? Or is the set just the top, bottom, and helm?
  19. Thanks for the answers guys. Looks like im just gonna have to get all three helms because everyone seems to have a different opinion. I am gonna be stuck at PC for awhile longer. If anyone else has anything to add about the Void armors I will still be checking this post. Thanks guys
  20. I am combat level 127, I have full Bandos, various Barrows armors, GS, DFS.... My questions are, if I get the void melee set do you think I would use it? What might I use it for? Should I just forget the melee and get the ranger set? Is the ranger set better then Karils? I currently have all the armor pieces except the helms, I'm just wondering which helms to get. I would just get them all and test them but I am not a big fan of Pest Control. Thanks in advance.
  21. Ive been going to Bandos more lately and Im still trying to figure out what gear to bring. Typically, I will wear: Zammy dhide top Verac bottom Sara bracers Dboots Arma pendant BGS I rarely tank, only in emergencies. (I have the stats for it and guthans, but my connection is not all that great) Money isnt a huge deal, Im currently saving for an AGS. Sometimes I go with 5 or 6 guys, 125+. Sometimes I go in bigger groups with lower combat levels. Im wondering if my gear is ok or if I should make some changes. Also, should I change up my gear depending on how many people I go with? Any advice is appreciated, Im still learning, Thanks.
  22. This one made me laugh. I can only assume the reporter had no idea that "Timmy" was breaking some major rules. I think someone needs to explain to Grandma that "Timmy" isn't the innocent victim she thinks he is. I know he is only 11 but its still hard not to laugh about the situation.
  23. Does every creature have the chance to drop charms or is it restricted to certain creatures?
  24. This the craziest thing I have ever seen on here. 10/10. This is the best collection I have ever seen.
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