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  1. died in lumby cave because i wasn't wearing a spiney helmet lol.
  2. Right Pic: :-s it's hawt right? yeah it is, no? please say i am!!!! Ya, sure. It looks like the guy who got stranded in that island with "Willson" :lol: lawl :XD:
  3. increase the mesh quality of the horns. u can do it by adding a hypernurbis to it.
  4. i can barely make out that its a guy in the pic.... wat did u do to it?
  5. the oby shield could be better and make the mesh of the horns of the last helmet picture a little better. what do u use? c4d?
  6. my entry lol. check out my modeling poses rofl. :XD: Killerviper4:
  7. i pretty much do what u do lol... a couple of days ago i was playing pest control and i got really bored so i started shouting stuff like: "omg! they killed kenny!" (like my sig) "crop circles!!!!!" lol
  8. i cant remember but i think it was through miniclip lol
  9. started a gem collection not too long ago. dont have dragonstone yet :P.
  10. 10 years olds begging for money and items.
  11. ummm... bread? o wait i got 98k once from some dude who was walkin around with that much money. lol.
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