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  1. I think that I may have played some cw with you wayyyyy back in the day. Congrats on the cape, I always thought that there should be some sort of recognition for castlewars as well. I started back up trying to play a bit after quitting for the last four years.. cw isn't anything like it used to be, bit of a shame.
  2. I was browsing around these forums for the first time in a few years.. and came across your blog. Just wanted to wish you goodluck in everything that you are doing. Way back when in 2006, i posted on here wishing you the best .. on the very first page. Hope that everything is well.
  3. After all the posts that have been made, whether agreeing, disagreeing, or something of that nature, I am extremely happy to see that the article I wrote has had an impact on some people. The criticism is good to hear, as it provides different view points to the game. One thing that I would caution everyone to is jumping to conclusions. Whether you feel that it is not an addiction "by scientific definition" or whether you think that the idea of being addicted to a game is crazy, you have to look at the perspectives of where others are coming from. I know that many people feel that they play simply for fun and have their playing time under control but on the flipside think of what you could or would be doing in your time away from the game. I'm not asking to quit by any means, simply suggesting that you take a step back and think a bit. In closing I would like to say that I never quite thought that my article would be greeted so warmly and I would like to thank you all for that. If you respond to my post I don't know if I'll be able to get back to you because my life is currently extremely busy with 3 APs and soccer season in full force. Thanks a lot.
  4. Interesting, and hell yeah. Although I've quit; when I did play I didn't tell anyone outside of friends that played runescape with me. It was one of those things that I was truly somewhat ashamed to play, and still am. To realize that I wasted so much of my life on a game like this is mind boggling.
  5. [hide=] wow nice. 10/10 i never had gotten that mini game i hope i get it wow nic resources. can u explain to me? [/hide] You moved from the picture thread to rate this. PLEASE STOP QUOTING POSTS WITHOUT HIDING THEM. Congrats on the achievement.
  6. 99 Range via aviansies guy [hide=] how many max kcs did you get? an how many broad bolts did you buy :o 6 Max kc, and the 3085 kc you see in the picture. Bought 111k broad-tipped bolts, ended with 58k. :oops: [/hide] i have to give u the biggest congratz that is some achivment well done =D> [/hide] Honestly sense I've quit I don't post much but this deserves a huge congratulations. I can't say much else as this is truly a great achievement and you don't see much of these types anymore. Goodluck in the future mate.
  7. Simple answer from me: hardly working, finding out how easily they can convince us that huge updates are coming out and thats why half of the content is delayed for months on end. Puttin my two cents out there.
  8. Thieving charms from the dorkeshan or w/e. It was possible to get a lvl 99 summon with low other melles via this for the first week. The old whip special was that you either hit your max or you didn't hit anything (0). That snaring stuff is bs.
  9. Nobody likes PJers. No one likes void pjers, thus anyone with d claws and half a sense is going to jump on the opportunity to down them (like I did the other day).
  10. He stockpiled those fusion hammers that cost 1m each. On topic Holy [cabbage], that's insane. fusion hammer, whah? Huge congrats on the shield and on the smithing experience. As for everyone else I am just as lost.. Fushion hammers?
  11. [hide=] [/hide] Wait are you running windows 7? If so are you a beta tester?
  12. Huge congrats man I remember you from "back in the day" and your blog. Great job on all the infinity pieces and achieving your goal.
  13. Lulz. He wastes it on a stupid game called RuneScape while his friends are out earning six-figures. Gg. =D> /life. Take a step back and look at your post and the irony. Take from someone who doesn't play the game anymore man honestly, think about it. Great achievement
  14. Thanks for those :) Yeah I originally was going to quit with the purple but then I remembered half wines and decided to buy one instead.
  15. Yeah I know, I considered spending money on barrages to get the last ticks but decided against it. I may or may not get them.
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