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  1. Loved the first part of Forever Runescape. And I suspect I'll enjoy the next two as well. I *think* I created my first account in 2001, not 100% certain and my early days with returning to runescape in 2002 have muddled most of my memories of what was and wasn't. The main thing I remember was walking in large circles trying to learn the lay of the land and become accustomed to the feel of a game I was only playing because my dial up connection didn't care for the other graphically superior MMOs out there. Logged in one day, lost because I'd left while off a road, found some NPCs I couldn't talk to and a building I couldn't enter because I wasn't a member. Quit playing right then and thought "so much for thier free game!" Been kicking myself in the ass for years since for not sticking with it and forgetting that old account's login info. I do miss the feelings I had when I did finally give runescape a serious shot. Tedius tasks was an understatement, but I loved each new level I obtained and all the places I had yet to truley explore. Jagex could completely revamp the entirety of runescape (and they did with Rs2) but it would never feel the same way. And logging back in to the classic servers I found I'd become to accustomed to the way the game is played today to really enjoy it. I can't relive the past, but it's great to read an article like this and go back to the memories of it. "I Don't Care," well part of me doesn't either. I find it absolutely pathetic that no one from Jagex can apparently even manage to log into thier own game. You don't even need some fantastic bot detecting technology. You only need eyes as today's bots proudly wear uniforms and nametags that say "Hi! I'm a bot!" A few minutes a day at blue dragons or tzhaar and you could ban hundreds of accounts. I quick side tour to other destinations popular for training or gp gathering and you could have thousands. When it's not even a question of identification anymore but action and not one player sees anything enacted how can anyone continue to care? I still find playing this game mildly entertaining and as such will continue to spend my $5 and log in when I have ample free time, but bit by bit I lose goals and as such interest as bots run rampant. If this trend of playing a massive multiplayer game continues towards playing a massive unnatended game continues and my interest drops further I'll have no qualms about saying "thanks for the memories, and goodbye."
  2. Way to be useless. OT: I like using Summona for the first 9 tasks, then Kuradel for each tenth task. Summona is great about giving cannonable tasks so you can speed through. Then go with your highest (Shiloh unless ya hit 70 slayer before then) on the tenth tasks for the best points.
  3. Gotta agree, the DYK was awesome news to me. I usually use the number pad so probably won't take advantage of it much, but it's good to know at least. Can't Escape the Present: There's no such thing as a golden era. 2006, 2005, 1999, or yesterday, Runescape's best times will always be up to the individual. When the game was new and exciting to them. The mid 00's saw a lot of new players coming in as Jagex expanded advertisement. So you have a large group of people out there who came in at that time, and when they think about thier best experiences it's going to be in that time frame. Give it a few more years and you'll undoubtedly see people ranting about how great 2010 and 2011 used to be.
  4. It's only there so people have a chance for the emote. They'd cry otherwise.
  5. Player houses, summoning, garounteed content at holliday events, clan support.... And more if I took the time to look it up. We're not the ones responsible for shaping this game, we're just supposed to play it if we want to. The communication that we do get is a bonus and unless every player suddenly becomes a developer for Jagex then our ideas are just a drawing board for them to take into consideration of they want. That's the way all games are yet in my experience Jagex has gone further than most to appeal to the player base.
  6. Well I tried (had a regular one with me too) and can confirm that they don't work. Ah well, time to make some room in my bank and start keeping some of these things. Thanks for the reply though! And to be funny, one of the rewards was a rune full helm! :razz:
  7. Quick question: If I need to wear an armor item can I use the trimmed or god variant of it? One I'm working on now says I need a rune full helm (and I'm kicking myself in the rump because I got it from Spectres along with two rune full helms that I sold before starting the TT) and wanted to know if I could use the sara helm I have in my bank. Couldn't find anything saying yes or no in the guide and of course every search I did just turned up pages about the rewards so I apologize if this has been answered somewhere already but I couldn't find it.
  8. A changed game is the reason why I like to take time away from RS for a while. This game will never feel new to me again no matter how big the update might be, when we went to RS2 was the closest but even then it didn't take much time to become familiar with the world. I like the sensation of being a little lost, feeling like I'm exploring again. It's what originally draws me to a game. But it fades and eventually all that is left is setting higher and higher goals hoping to one-day master what exists. I guess that mindset also plays into the first article a bit. I and I’m sure others tend to get stuck in our ways. For many of us opening up to something new is simply a challenge to our brains. We have to train our minds to take advantage of the updates so that we can train faster or be better equipped. With the most recent change to producing items I was still right clicking to select make all, not even noticing that it was already set and I only had to click once. Took about a week to get out of that habit. Now that I'm accustomed to it, I'm glad for it. Just like I was glad with each make-x change. I have fond memories of classic but honestly; trying to play that version of the game again just wasn't worth it. Clicking on something a hundred times to get one log or one ore didn't make it any "harder" a skill to train, just more tedious and finger unfriendly. I likewise take my time with new skills, quests, beasties to kill, and rewards to claim. The living rock caverns have been out for a while but I've only just recently started to explore the area and change my old mining methods to take advantage of a quicker system. Starting to enjoy Dung but I'm keeping that at a casual pace to train. I'll get to the rewards when I get to them. So I'm sure there are at least a few of us, as I refuse to believe I'm unique in any way, who fall into more of a third grouping when it comes to change. We neither rush off gleefully to get the latest skills, items, area, quest done nor do we shout against change. I guess we're the crocodiles. We just evolve slowly and it takes a long time to notice the difference. :mrgreen: And TS, another good read. Not sure what the poster above meant by a more emotional narrator, but maybe you could try to expand on the characters a bit. Perhaps write a little more about who they are and why they do certain thing. What motivated them to volunteer for this expedition and such? Otherwise I'm looking forward to the decision next week!
  9. Rule changes are going to require greater policing efforts by forum mods to remove posts, they won't do much by themselves to reduce the flaming and arguing that takes place. You can only hope for maturity and mutual respect among posters. That said I have been wondering lately why there are not two threads started each week, one for the fictional articles and one for non-fictional. It seems that the responses an author would want would vary depending on what kind of article it is. I've seen several posts by fictional authors thanking people who showed appreciate of their work but also specifically asking for criticism so that they might improve as well. On the other hand the featured and accompanying articles would seem to be meant to start debates and discussions about the topic brought up. There would be a lot less of the "I never read the/not interested in.." as posters would only be reading and replying to a thread specific to the type of article that they do read. And while this week doesn't seem to have a great deal of posts there have been times in the past where one particular article creates such a heated conversation that the others may be ignored and a little separation would help reduce the chances of someone's article being swamped. Lastly it would be a lot easier for people to keep their posts more specific per thread with only one or two articles to discuss at a time. As such, not having to do what I am about to! :mrgreen: On topic First Article: I see nothing at all wrong with Jagex supporting a team whose primary role is to develop interactive activities among its player base. I'd say it's a good thing, though I haven't actually participated in anything yet. That's usually due to scheduling conflicts, but those same conflicts have kept me out of Tip.It activities. Speaking of the latter I'm surprised you didn't take the opportunity to plug Tip.It Events. Would have supported your point of player created activities. Overall communication could be better, but then I think that can always be said. Jagex is definitely superior to the other MMO development teams I've experienced in keeping players informed of what is coming up, as well as frequently trying to implement player ideas into what is still their game. Article 2: I'm curious about how the article you read suggests people will experience deafness due to possibly decreased voice communication with other people. I can't imagine the brain forgetting how to interpret sounds. There's always something to hear. Forgetting a spoken language seems likewise unlikely with television, movies, and music. Heck there's even some voices in Runescape now! And while I personally despise texting I doubt it has significantly decreased speech communication but rather encouraged people to communicate more often in shorter "bursts." In other words, a person would probably still call up a friend or date to talk about specific plans, and use text messages as a way to get a short point across. For example: "Game starts at 8." Simple reminder assuming the person knows what the game is, where it is and such. Longramble may have had some difficulties with speech after a prolonged period of time without talking to anyone, but I doubt we're headed in that direction in anyway. Article 3: I hate to be one of many but to me there just isn't really enough yet to get a good feel for the story. Can't really comment about corrections otherwise, I think those have been pretty much covered. Article 4: Two parts to this so far right? Everything seems to be flowing well, I'm tracking the story and enjoying it. Every once in a while there's a mention I don't recognize and I'm not sure if it's because I've simply forgotten some part of Relleka or if it's because I haven't gotten around to doing the last quest yet. Overall, watch for those minor mistakes that have already been covered in this thread and I look forward to the next article. Hopefully I'll have knocked out that last quest by then too! =P~
  10. People who use the words: peeve, peeved, peeving, and peeves.
  11. My equipment is garbage (dragon chain + legs, glory, body shield, whip, slayer helm) and I followed a terrible guide's advice to pray mage for the first few trips on my last assignment. Was only averaging 9-10 kills. Decided to switch to protect range and my kills went up to 13-15. It definatley helped and someone with a healing familiar and better gear should easily be able to get 20 kills per trip.
  12. Gimme a shout Sunday if you haven't found any help before then. I've never done the queen myself but wouldn't mind tryin' to help ya. Pretty sure my RS name is on here but if not I'll edit the post in a sec! :razz:
  13. Like mini-games? A clay pick + charged horn from barbarian assault will give you triple xp per ore. I've been using them with gem mining (one hit "ore" 90% of the time) but I plan to try LRC now that I've got 77 mining.
  14. At the murder myster manor north of seers you can load up as many pots with flour as you like from the kitchen. For dishes I usually use bracelets of clay and make my own. If you're eating your pies just recycle the dishes :P
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