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  1. thanks everybody (: you aren't lazy for not picking them up. i just have empty inventory spaces and every little bit of cash helps me out lol. if you ever need dragon boots & like, dont wanna pay max in ge just PM me and ill get you a pair from mages pretty fast hahahaha. & lol @ the name thing. that's me right there. trying to be an over achiever and messing it up! :P
  2. 570 kills (more like 560 cos of accidently killing spiritual warriors & such) Rate/Hate :D Sold all for like 2330K by the way. :
  3. AND: To add onto that I just got this like 5 days ago and just never got around to posting it. First level 2 ever, decided to do it for the hell of it- from my Daggonaths task, lol. ((: Sold boots (already have a pair) and bought 2.4k'ish dbones for 76 prayer, aiming for 80! :D
  4. Clue I just did from waterfiends, 6 steps...25 minutes tops? (: Enjoy. BTW, previous best was Zammy Plate (got it in 2 diff clues) + stuff, so around 1.3M.. sold the Top Hat for 4.7M .. sold legs 40K, and kept robin (2.4m) and MSB. <3 :lol:
  5. Took 25 minutes, 6 steps..easy. Got it from a waterfiend.. Sold Top Hat 4.7M, kept robin. Total = 7.2M. My previous best was like 1.3M (zammy plate & such) :D
  6. Was killing waterfiends for crimsons (68 slayer banked, FTW) ... and I got this during the first trip, saved until the end..and I just did it. Was really easy- 1 puzzle box, 2 digs, 1 sara, 1 zammy wizard, and that's it. Took 25 minutes.. BEST CLUE I'VE EVER GOTTEN BY FAR. (previous best was zammy plate, so overall like 1.3M?) Here it is: And I didn't post this in the sticky because I wanted it rated by itself, not in a whole collage of other good clues :P ...Rate please? (: Thanks :D EDIT: Sold the Top Hat for 4.7M to Killer3650, and kept the robin to complete ranger set... sold the rest! :D
  7. nice stats, and gratz on 99 crafting! i want 70+ ... cba to get it atm. so i commend you; 9/10 :]
  8. thanks :] i had it made my friend found a nice level 121 who did it for free but i paid him 30k anyway, i guess the 2k exp was worth it <3 getting 75 def via slayer as we speak! :D i was going to, but you werent on. so i was like...ugh idk when he will be, so whatever. :[ but thanks for the offer!
  9. thanks, well i wish you the best of luck in obtaining one of these at dragons when you go for 99! your mission is the same as mine :D wow and i thought i was unlucky! i have been there from 82-96 (almost 97) magic. ugh, i hope you get one! *passes luck on* i did the knights waves, tears of guthix and the jade vine... trying to get 70 prayer and 75 def currently. i had a very nice friend help me by assisting in making the shield, so i cant wait to use it! :D lol
  10. GOODLUCK! :D your blog is my good luck. so you deserve a goodluck from moi. ;D you ruleee i wish i was as good as you. maybe someday? naw, j/k. i suck lol. keep it upppppppppp!
  11. 1.2M via Oziach, just get someone to assist you for free :D Goodjob! 1.25m to be exact i checked, lol. but yeah i didnt realize they could assist me for free. i just need somebody with that smithing level! i'm like in dire need of a smither. i might get 75 def via slayer for the shield ftw <3 lol. thanks man! :] thanks :] uhm, i mentioned it is called "Redshift V2" or something along the lines of that. and yes it is firefox :P i know! i was thinking that.. and i mentioned it to you XD i think... *goes to look at your blog as steel dies* i wonder.. lmao gl man XD
  12. yeah my friend just told me, thanks :] any idea HOW much it costs to attach?
  13. Lol thanks, nice one XD umm its firefox, but with a theme applied. i have it on full screen too. i could check to see what the theme is for you.. Redshift V2 thats the name :] its in 'tools' and then 'add-ons' lol what smithing level do you need to make it into a shield? but that sounds like a plan. i think i might just do that. because visage is 26m max and shield is 30m :D lol well go to dragons and mage your heart out ;D pray for the best. sounds good to me XD cos more money = me happy. so i think i WILL do that. now i just need someone with 90+ smtihing :[ ANYBODY HAVE THAT LEVEL? lol.
  14. 82-96 magic and no visage. here it is finally: On ground (cant see it really): And in inv: I dont know if i should sell it for max ge price easily, or get 75 def and then have it made into a shield? any ideas? thanks :D omg im still in shock, not happy atm im just like, confused and dazed. lmao XD
  15. Congrats my friend :D about time you got it! hehehe =D>
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