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  1. These forums started to suck pretty hard in 2007, nevermind what they're now - I check them out every now and then but you're totally right - the comunity is just completley broken. How lovely.
  2. lol I just saw that 99 prayer picture and it reminded me of old rs xD
  3. Hmm I dont know, when I still played everything just came on its own, like for example I did a quest for a dragon scimmy and I got the ability to use gliders for example, I guess everything's kind of sawn together if you know what I'm saying. I liked slayer, got 85 slayer got a party hat out of that, kept on slaying and then levels and money came out of there, then again i would've never done it without voldy xD.
  4. hehe yeah, it was pretty good especially cause it was back when whips were 4m :P Congratulations one more time xD
  5. not so sure about the first tipiter, I never had an accurate estimate of my whips before i started counting them, must have been a lil bit over a hundred, or barley missed it. But surley you've killed more abyssals than me, back in the days they were so much easier to get, I have yet to hear about someone beating my 3 whips in 5 kills xD. its a great achievement though, shame you 85 slay so late though :P
  6. you can has my thankies ^^ be there at your 99 summ. you're a machine drummy
  7. It was weird, I could never find the "Voldmort0 says:" in our real life convos....
  8. Nice, Its not the fact that its a dragon drop, its the fact that its both d med and left half from rex, which is pretty rare, especially both in a trip. Gratz
  9. dude, please I know its drastic, but please, commit suicide. And gratz on the whip you only congratulated me on the whip cause otherwise the post wouldve been reported for spam... :cry: O rlmente?
  10. dude, please I know its drastic, but please, commit suicide. And gratz on the whip
  11. so i herd you got no life and that you play on a pure so people dont know your playin :o
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