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  1. lets re-write that shall we? Apparently She uses lots of offensive language, She tried to get someone to break a rule, and advertised a website. Pretty bad if you get banned on offensive language, as all but 2 of your offences are offensive language.
  2. congratulations on getting un muted, trust me, i know how bad it is being perm muted.
  3. would you care to explain why your on a rs fansite forum if you hate the game?
  4. i don't have a screenie but i was walking through varrock and a mod was talking to his friend, as they walked into the bank the mod spoke and 4 seconds later my chat was flooded with many variations of "please don't mute me!" so i ask, are people scared of mods now?
  5. if i became a mod i would mute spammers e.g the post above me
  6. okay, you show your parents the sign saying "currently have 200,000 players online" and tell them why they would all be playing if it had viruses.
  7. err i iz nut suir cuz eet neva sed! i fink id iz note qwesut cuz der iz nuio qwrets iceeoin!!!1111
  8. 1) your not going to get many replies if you act so rude and childish to a positive reply are you? 2)get the farming levels and use their idea 3)if you get a suggestion i would recommend trying it before saying "i dunt hav dose levlz soi stoop beein a nuob annd shuet uop".
  9. if you were able to scan it you should be able to delete it.
  10. lets count shall we? qwe wqe ewq rty ytr tyy trr ryy rtt yrr ytt uio uoi oiu oui uio uoi pas psa sap spa asp aps dfg dgf gfd gdf fdg fgd hjk hkj jhk jkh kjh khj lzx lxz zxl zlx xlz xzl cvb cbv bvc bcvvcb vbc nm mn tried em all =(
  11. um, thats kind of a pointless post, if you don't know then don't post, you can't post and say "i don't really know" =;
  12. is it possible to get 2 letter or 3 letter names with out numbers any more? i heard that even if that name is free and no one is using it, you won't be aloud to use it because it is a 2 or 3 letter name, is this true?
  13. i remember some one posted a rate me with 500 k saphires a while ago, can't find it though.
  14. alright, firstly, your friend is a sad sad little nerd, secondly over 70% of runescape thought it would be a jack'o lantern mask. case closed, bye bye, seeya later. :roll:
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