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  1. I'm not sure I agree. To me, RuneScape end-game has always been whatever each individual makes of it. Just because someone doesn't like RS3 shouldn't automatically mean they must PK.
  2. Attack. Grinded a bunch of bandits, and Damis skeles among other monsters and got a little over 96, then I went to PC to finish it up. Got it late 06, I forget what month.
  3. Watched it earlier from RSC. Nice vid I liked it :thumbup:
  4. It was a fair video, my good friend. I liked it, although a lot of chaps appear to abuse the Pest Control Void Armor's bonuses quite often, and that's just annoying.
  5. Well I was "permanently" muted march 20-something-th to november 20-something-th in 2006 for saying "msm" in game.. when someone asked what messengers I had.
  6. plz i want dragon greataxe lol and make it work 4 darok 2 cuz that wud b s00p3r pwn4g3 lol
  7. I really don't think anything on RuneScape is good or impressive.. just about anyone can get high stats on RuneScape, all it takes is time.
  8. Isn't there a Phoenix in the desert that you can get specific feathers from or something? :-#
  9. Hah, a while ago when I first got my attack cape trimmed, I played with low levels a lot. One asked me where I got cape, how to trim, etc. So I told him I used butter. Yeah, just use butter with Attack Cape, and voila. He spent 20 minutes figuring out how to make butter and when he finally did, he asks me, "Now where do I get attack cape?".. he was a level 50.
  10. Whenever you want to spend $5 on a game then go for it. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, it's your money.
  11. The best places are pretty much the same as chin spots: the skeletal monkies, or whatever they are, beneath ape atoll, and the mummies in the chaos tunnels. I've heard bandits are pretty good as well.
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