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  1. Ok heres wat u do: 1: type in the name of the person/item w/e. 2: type in .justgotowned 3: spaces dont work use a period instead of space it should look like this: http://www.jagex.justgotowned.com/ or http://www.you.justgotowned.com/ another similar one is you are mighty. the same rules apply only this time it should be something like: http://www.RuneScape.youaremighty.com/ but by far this is my fave. type in ur name then do you have epilepsy WARNING: DONT GO HERE IF U DO HAVE EPILEPSY OR EYE/BRAIN PROBLEMS! IT MAY CAUSE PROBLEMS OR COMLICATIONS http://www.dude.doyouhaveepilepsy.com heres another: http://jagex.willbedefeated.com EXTRA WARNING! If you DONT habve epilespy you might get a headache from it,. DISCLAIMER: All pages are property of aninote.com. Any complications are not of aninote.com's concern, they are of the author of this post. all videos are meant to be viewed in a good manner not to be viewed as mean. please enjoy them thank you.
  2. I support, but dont do it w/ treasure trails and phats, because...then people will hate jagex and people will mass quit
  3. i wish it could be true but it never will so plz shut up about "memory not enough" or else
  4. people are angry critics that cant even say good things in this forum :ohnoes:
  5. i have a suggestion...: WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO SUPER BUMP TIP.IT TOPICS! really im not kidding......
  6. I totally agree with you!!! Its on the inside not out. People think every high level is nice but that is WRONG :shame: ! My lvl 23 friend is real nice and isnt a lazy guy. So high levels think they are so great and all but they are losers. Those son of a gun high levels are sometimes nice but they brag too much. (ps im lvl 63 so dont say im a noob, because im saying hes right)
  7. hmm, your right we do need to fix those :uhh:
  8. SUPER BUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :XD: :XD: :XD: :XD: :XD: Now my incredibily old topic is at the top :shock:
  9. SUPER BUMP!!!!!! :XD: :XD: :XD: :XD: :XD: :XD: :XD: now my super old topic is at the top of the page =)
  10. atleast SOMEONE answered......
  11. Any comments? ANYTHING??? :wall:
  12. Ok, so I was on my pure I was training on monks then I noticed this wierd glitch/bug. Heres the picture Click on the link http://img258.imageshack.us/my.php?image=rsglitchlh5.png (P.s. I know i have to train str some more I have 31 cmb)
  13. This is all just a trick, if you know what PS stands for, then thats it, this glitch also uses paint to make it look real, this is all just a fakie, and a noob trying to fool us all. :shock: THIS IS JUST SOME NOOB's TRICK!!!!!!!!!!
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