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  1. I'm bored. Wanna see a magic trick? Heh, I'd like to contribute to this nice thread, but getting a screenshot program is too much hassle. If it's any consolation (consolation?), my guy is pretty much James Bond (tux) with luscious dark brown hair. Like my own. 8-)
  2. I'd have to be an "Other," because if I stay at one of those professions too long, I'll bore my pants off. I sell everything I find and don't need on the GE, and free-alch what doesn't sell. I get money from mossying and finding junk. The last major skilling I've done isn't over, as I mined-smelted-crafted 1,337 tiaras because I want 70 crafting for diamond ammies (btw, when I started, I needed like 10k tiaras for 70 crafting). So, to get rid of them, I'm killing elemental wizzes for tallies to infuse them, then sell on GE (I also get tons of runes). This way, I get mining, smithing, crafting, and rc xp, plus gp. Maybe it counts that I get magic xp too, cuz of the tons of runes. So yeah, I'm pretty organized. Too bad I still have like 1.1k tiaras (and, hence, tallies) to get rid of. And I started this months ago. Sigh.
  3. This got Hot Topic? It's pretty obvious: "Auto-trade is much easier than self-reliance." Any half-[wagon] knows that. Yet it gets Hot Topic. Blows my mind.
  4. I'd like to celebrate on our quincenyera of Supporters, the 15th being mott555 !! Yay! *parade* No, this isn't a weak excuse for a bump.
  5. I support, and since I don't feel like helping you improve it, I'm pressing "Submit" right now-- *click*
  6. Yeah, um, IT'S CALLED TURNING LIGHT DETAIL TO LOW. TRY IT. But, since it's something that can improve firemaking, I support.
  7. support, i love these simple,-easy,-new,-and-better ways-to-do-things threads
  8. Yeah, sure, why not. While you're at it why not add an option where you don't have to hit / every time to talk, as I barely ever use Public Chat. This could either be a button, or, when Public Chat is set to Off, it does it automattically.
  9. Explain "sign up age" and "real life age check." Try "friggin'." Thanks for the friggin' support!
  10. I really need to figure out how to perfect the age-divining (finding out) system... I have a couple ideas, such as a simple intelligence quiz, or some pop culture-of-that-era trivia... Maybe if my brave and attractive supporters can brainstorm up some ideas, we can together finish the last step in making this implementable (putting-in-able).
  11. Support. Anything better than what we (my F2P brethren) have now, I support.
  12. -Another addition to the Parents Vs. Jagex thing- If your trust your child so much as to let them go on the Internet, where Godknowshowmanymillions of BAD sites are accessed in 10 seconds and minimised in 2, and then complain to some British company that your kid is saying "dubble yoo tee eff," that's just good ol' fashioned bad parenting.
  13. I never thought this topic would resurface again, but it has. Stay down, topic! Haha. Now to take care of some things... Commando1213, as much I adore your support, that textual filth you glued to my thread is unwanted and unnecessary. Don't do it again. Update: Support List! I had the coolness of not putting one before, but now... I'm... uh................ Support List! Yay! *confetti* As for the age-proving quiz, yes, anyone with a finger on one hand can get the answers from the Internets. But, if the kid's so dumb (or god-honest) as to put real age instead of just making himself 13 or 18 right away, it's not needed. But the questions could be things only that age and up would know, such as pop culture-related or historic questions.
  14. Just be happy there is no fees with the GE. What does that have to do with what i suggested
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