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  1. will do :D Might wanna post on your shop tho...
  2. Colors: Rune(as in RS rune) and some darker shades Images?: Rune Pickaxe Text: Tcmstr134 AKA Tcmstr134 Notes (anything you want to add): Giving you lots of freedom with this one, so you can do what you wish.
  3. Name: Tcmstr134- AKA Jarrod96 Styles: Grunge, abstract Program(s): Photoshop CS3, and the GIMP(for some effects i dont know how to do in photoshop) How long have you been making graphics?: I was making rough graphics 3 years ago, i started getting good about a year ago... Examples/Previous Work: ... i have more if you would like Have you had any experience in a graphics shop before?: I have a shop atm(i will close down if accepted) Do you have any galleries to display your past work? (If so, then please post a link): not really, unless you count my photobucket account Why do you want to work for GoldWorks?: i currently am not getting many orders, which i think is due to too many shops in this forum Please post a CODE of your order form (your personal order form for other people to use when ordering a graphic from you. If accepted into GoldWorks, you will be given your own section which will include your order form): Type (Sig, Avvy, Banner) Dimensions (Say TIF for forum size) Colors: Render(see first page): Font(see first page): Font Color(can also do a "clear" font that show the bckgd): Text: Subtext(if aplicable): Border (A 1px black border is default): Re-Sized for Tip.it (As in under 35KB or not): No Notes:
  4. BIG NEWS!!! check the first page for it..... anyways... betagama, your av is ready... [img=http://i210.photobucket.com/albums/bb229/Jarrod96/conejo2.png] any changes? feel free to ask.
  5. not really tomorrow, got caught up woth school and such.... extreme: hardest sig to resize, ever over 3 times the tip.it limit when done... it lost some quality in the progress.... still looks ok though im pm you as well, incase you forgot [img=http://i210.photobucket.com/albums/bb229/Jarrod96/coruptyedsigb.png] AV: [img=http://i210.photobucket.com/albums/bb229/Jarrod96/extreme.png] duty, do you still want yours? its been quite a wait.. ill send you a pm asking as well.... about to add premades
  6. mario, a render is basicly an image withount a backround.... hardwick :oops: i forgot...... :oops: :oops: i have a bad memory.....at least i put it on the sig.. will probably update the av with a border duty, i will do yours tommorow extreme... your signature: changes? if so post...i will resize tommorow
  7. ok. glad you like it ill get to work on the siggy now...i must say you picked a great render.
  8. ok... do you want the subtext on the av as well? ill get right on the av... just to show you what the sig will look like...(i may not finish today... i will definatly finish by tommorow..) preview of avatar: changes? feel free to ask.... ill add the text as sson as you answer the question..... NEWS: IM WORKING ON SOME PREMADES FOR A NEW PREMADE SECTITION!!!
  9. sigs are 175X450.... do you want a banner?
  10. meh.. ill take u on a battle with runemetsa's rules(minus the no brushes rule) can we just do it after tuesday?(school starts tuesday... can do anytime afterwards)
  11. yeah.. that would be helpful..... to have a pro like you give me feedback on a sig you ordered
  12. that was a typo :oops: i tried earth aswell, but autoers seem to have me beat on every world i tried, and thanks for the support guys!
  13. i made my blog(sent u a pm with link) also.. ill edit this post with updated prices EDITS: Full sara:buy price 2,000,000gp-----Sell price 2,300,000gp Full Zammy: Buy price 2,100,000gp-----Sell Price 2,300,000gp
  14. Thanks for the tips! ill make sure to try and use these... the font and border should be easy... the blending will take some time to practice.
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