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  1. He did get that one and a Difrent one That was a Pale Green Color..
  2. Wow... That is Really good. ( and for those of you who dont think i should be talking to mega considering the nasty things i said about him in an old thread I already apologized and everythings cool Now) anyways It is Very Nice and When i look at the Background it almost looks like its Moving( i might have eye problems or somthing of that sort ) Very Nice shading Nothing wrong with it at all except the Sides are kind of bare.. 9/10 Darth~ (ps. Is this really your first Rs related sig??)
  3. I dont see how you go Western/Sci-Fi/Fantasy ( Sci-Fi and Fantasy are generally the same thing) But looks kind of like somthing from 16th Century Spain like a Conquistador. But with goggles that look kind of like Boarding Goggles. My reasoning is because you can see Like Plate Leggings and an old Style Musket but its Still Very good. 9/10 Darth~ (p.s. his left foor does look kind of messed up)
  4. Those are Very Nice Well done =D> I especially Liked the Frog on the First Picture
  5. Dude if some one makes you that you wont be able to use it In Tip.it Considering it Will Be More than 30kb Like what Cadbury said. In my opinion it would be like maybe 140kb? somthing like that... Especially if you want a render with the Animations.
  6. Very interesting... i like the story line though i feel Beany!
  7. Maybe you should change the Border color? looks kind of wierd with the colors of the Sig.
  8. Looks Very good. and By the way Megadedhed was talking about me being a buddy Maker. Like i said im my Other post 9/10 cause his nose looks kind of wierd lol but verygood over all.
  9. Bravo. A Budymaker who cant pixel worth Cabbage.. That my friend is one of the Lamest comebacks i have ever heard(read). By the Way i dont Care if i can Pixel or Not all i Know is im Not some guy who spends all his time on his Computer making pixels so other people will notice him and him Flamming down other People when he doesn't think somthing is right about what they've Done. Thats just crossing the line of C/C and Getting to Hypacritical about things other people have done that you dont like. I mean Come on Runemesta Is a very good Pixel artist I belive he drew that picture of Josh Homme. Oh and Runemesta. 9/10 (his Nose looks wierd sorta) Darth~
  10. Rune Mesta Coulda Pixeled that i know i could ( it would take me a while ) but I could. You said theres 67+ colors Very easy to do that if you are a pretty seasoned( dont think i spelt that right) Pixel artist like im not. I've seen it done Before. Before you Start Flamming him down saying that he just Shrunk it Down remember that Pixeling is Very easy once you get the hand of it. :shame: Darth~
  11. Hey 4be2jue scince you like making sigs so much maybe you could Start this thread into a shop? Be pretty sweet.... and By the Way thanks for My after Hallowe'en Sig Looks Pretty Sweet :thumbsup: Darth~ p.s. The Micro film is in the Motherboard.......
  12. Can i see how the 3rd one looks with Darthdude10 on it? If i like i'll use
  13. :-$ She said making one PIXEL sig Not Abstract or Grunge sig PIXEL! =; read before you post :shame:
  14. I take 3rd one Rsn Darthdude10 Dont make it super Big
  15. Not all buddys look like this Or generaly look like that there are difrent kinds of buddy kits that produce difrent looking buddys This just happens to be a Buddy kit of His own even tho i agree that he shouldent call them buddy's cause They look 99% Better. Oh and Chaos if you Need any Help Just PM me. :thumbsup: Later Darth~
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