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  1. Thank you. Yep, 85 Slayer will be one of the hardest, but like I said, I enjoy the skill. If you enjoy the skill and get into the character, it makes the task a bit more relaxing.
  2. 1st. Hello. 2nd. (Grr, forgot. x.x) 3rd. My name is Jared. A little rusty, but I know some of the basics. Thanks for the feedback.
  3. Great job. I see you've gotten many drops, and I hope you get more in the near future. Good luck!
  4. Intro Greetings. Here's a bit of information about me: I'm currently a student at a major University in Brazil and plan to become an Attorney in the future. I'm fluent in many languages such as English, Portugeese, Spanish, and Italian. I can speak so-so Japaneese, not the best though. I enjoy many things such as Gaming (RuneScape and Aircraft Games), Pixel Work, Reading, Studying, Football, Writing, and challanging myself. I am an adult and do act like one, at times. (: I can be very childish when it comes to playing around with my friends in RuneScape. As for RuneScape, Put 2 Death is currently my main account. My old account was stolen by a friend, eh, forgive and forget. I've been playing since RuneScape Classic and have many goals for the near future, and long down the road. Currently I plan on getting at least 1600 Total and ALL Quests Completed throughout the next 2 Years. It's an honor to be part of Tip.It forums and amoung the many legends that live and rise. As for my goals, i'll be posting my LVL Goals, Screen Shots, Sightings, Kalphite Hunting, Barrows Drops, Dragon Drops and more! This thread will be a thriving and long living one. Hopefully, i'll have plenty of support throughout my journey. Goals Magic - 85 Why? Charge, Tele Block, Ice Blitz, fun! Melee - 70 Attack, 80+ Strength, 70 Defense. Why? Veracs, Guthans, ect, ect. Higher Strength for maybe staking? Prayer - 70+ Why? Barrows, Saradomin Flag, Total Lvl. Ranged - 80+ Why? Crystal Bow, Effective with Knives, fun! RuneCrafting - 54 Why? Laws, Total Lvl, Pouches. Construction - Min of 50 Why? Fun when I get bored. Herblore - 72 Why? Pray Pots, Range Pots, ID Almost all. Theiving - 60 Why? Bloods, Regicide, Total Lvl. Crafting - 50 Why? Cut gems, Quests, Total Lvl. Fletching - Min of 85 Why? Easy to raise, main money maker, helps other skills. Slayer - 85 Why? Enjoyment, this is my favorite skill to raise. I don't mind putting countless hours into it. Mining and Smithing - Min of 60 on both Why? Main source of ess for runes and knives. Fishing - 76 Why? Main source of food, lobbies untill 76. Will keep me stocked on food for a long time. Cooking - 80 Why? Source of food and have the ability to cook sharks. Firemaking - 50 Why? Toal lvl and quests. Wooductting - 75 Min Why? Source for Firemaking and Fletching. Farming - Min of 50 Why? Total lvl, Rannar Seeds, ect. Quest Goals - Finish all quests - 2 Main Quests I wish to Finish after I get my stats *Roving Elves *Desert Treasure Other Goals --- The Goals will be on my next priority list after the top goals are met --- *Fire Cape *All Quests Completed *All Music Found *Barrows Gloves *Explore all locations - new and old. ***Ultimate Goal - White P Hat, White Robes, Lava Staff, Legends Cape, White Boots, and Cooking Guantlets. (High Alchy Uniform at Pits) Screen Shot Section Found Lilyuffie88 - A Legend Found Uloveme - A Legend Found The Old Nite - Kindest Legend i've met - RIP Much more to come throughout the future. Post to support. If your reading this, you probably read everything else! Take the time to post!
  5. Hello, Is it possible to link your sig to your website? I plan on creating a personal website for my RuneScape Character and was a bit curious if it is possible. Thanks.
  6. You won't be able to access your house, but once you rejoin members, you'll have access to it once again. I doubt anything will change.
  7. Mith or Addy, depending on your combat lvl. But I prefer rune.
  8. Probably was the Sandwhich Lady.
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