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  1. Idk if it has been said but....smoking weed. Yes, it is physically impossible to die from smoking too much weed. (Don't believe me? Research it) I win \
  2. It really amazes me that this one has not been said yet. Those dam annoying "Above the Influence Commercials." I mean come on...they depict weed like it is crack and if you do it then you are throwing your life out the window. Or, as one of their commercials show, you will take all your belongings....and go light them on fire outside! Being someone who is in highschool, weed, albeit a problem to some individuals who know no such thing as moderation (and not because it is addicting as many people will say, but because they don't do anything else and they just do it for the hell of it), the real problem I have noticed is....Alcohol, Cigarettes, Pills, and to some...I've even heard many trying coke and what not. Weed isn't the real gateway drug from hell, to me its the legal drugs that people think are better and more alright for you because they are legal. Anyway, just venting. And to those who would argue weed really is bad for you and the commercials are justified, do some research on your own and don't listen to everything the commercials tell you and your Dare Officer. ("Itll ruin your life..." yea, Because of the crooked laws in place for cannabis)
  3. That's not an instrumental. I really like Octavarium by Dream Theater. That isn't an instrumental either... But on the topic of Dream Theater epics, A Change of Seasons is dramatically better. And speaking of Dream Theater instrumentals, Ytse Jam is great. ...and speaking of Dream Theater instrumentals....Octavarium and A Change of Seasons aren't instrumentals lol.(But they are really good songs. But yeah, Dream Theater has... -Ytse Jam -Eve -Erotomania -Hell's Kitchen -Overture 1928 -Dance Of Eternity -6 Degree's Overture -Stream of Conciousness
  4. Just for those who think that China would win a war against the USA, let me throw a few statements out there. * In our age where a war of this magnitude would be fought, troop size would mean little to nothing. What does matter is technology. * The U.S. is way ahead of any Chinese missile or air force technology. * And...to top it off.... Military Budgets from this past year U.S.~ Close to 600billion China~ 80billion U.S. win \
  5. I know this might sound stupid; but why are they going up? No one has really said why yet :?:
  6. Congratulations, you always did have some odd dumb luck... :) Spend the money wisely :P
  7. Superman? Spider Man???? cmon guys....SpiderPig! :D (cant be any weirder than "4real")
  8. lol that 3rd pic down must be old...i havent dked in over a month easily and most of it was solo maging.. nice drops anyway though nub
  9. My List :P 1. Octavarium- Dream Theater 2. Master of Puppets- Metallica 3. Cemetary Gates- Pantera 4. Hotel California- Eagles 5. Metropolis Pt 1- Dream Theater 6. Hollow Years- Dream Theater 7. Time- Pink Floyd 8. Sunday Bloody Sunday- U2 9. Endless Sacrifice- Dream Theater 10. Another Day- Dream Theater Its really hard to sum it up in 10 songs...top 20 would be cooler :)
  10. The movie was alright...it was the best out of them all probably, but still has yet to live up to what should be expected of a harry potter movie. First off, the battle...Ahh the battle...it seemed well done, but i expected much more. I was expecting to see voldemort with his shield... and dumbledore and fawkes kicking the [cabbage] out of voldemort for 3-4 minutes. Not just a 1 minute battle that doesn't have fawkes or voldemorts shield AT ALL. Second, no surprise, they got rid of quite a good amount of scenes. On wikepedia it says they cut 45minutes of film. Yeah...i dont know why they would ever have done that. If they would have showed the scenes...would people have complained because they followed the film...? Third! Ugh Dumbledore has the look and everything...but he doesnt have the soft voice that harris had and doesn't seem to show compassion like I always imagined dumbledore to have. Fourth...the actors are too old. Theres no questioning that, they are. They are all like 18, in the 5th movie. There already older than they should be if they were filming deathly hallows. IMO deathly hallows isnt going to be that good already just for the fact that your going to be having 21 year olds playing 17 year olds. Personally, i think they should've chucked them all after chamber of secrets, this way they got prisoner of azkaban for the viewers to get used to the new actors. Not like different actors could have made prisoner of azkaban any worse anyway.... Mad props to the people that play umbridge and luna though. Umbridge was exactly as i imagined, as was luna. Also, they cut st mungos and the mirror.... And, the conversation at the end between harry and dumbledore was nothing of what I expected. I thought they would at least explain something...but nope..they really didnt.
  11. lol i think i saw trojann get killed in there when u were fighting that one other team...
  12. omg barrah bondahs!!! mah idol! i wana be just liek him when i grows up!!!11!!1 i wub dem big drugggied up arms...
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