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  1. good luck , saw you yesterday, probably see you alot there, as i will be fishing too :P hope ur shoulder gets better
  2. nah, chelsea scum :shock: Good luck on your goals thou.... o, and finding a new manager :twisted: arsenal for the title k? 8-) AN ARSENAL FAN!!!! WOOO :D
  3. nice, but why does it say on ur clan genesis knights when theyre dead , and you was never in the clan in the first place? =D>
  4. bambi scares the crap outta me :ohnoes: texas chainsaw massacre was a good one , and the saw trilogy (sp)?
  5. LOL at scotland, france got pwned :-# England should qualify now , we have found ourselves a good quality starting team, and owen is back on form Arsenal to win prem and champions league O:)
  6. we just beat em 3-0, uh-oh :ohnoes:
  7. how do you know that...? it would be nice if a new skill did come this moth , i doubt it tho
  8. 99 fm , crafting and if enough left over 99 prayer , none of that armour stuff :-k
  9. Yes well my 4th and final (hopefully :oops: ) year of high-school has begun, and with university costing so much and me being such a lazy person (work wise) I've begun concentrating really hard on my schooling to try and get a 90 average this year to see if I can maybe get a part scholarship. I've also sort of lost interesting in RuneScape, the only thing keeping me going the past two months being my farming goal and all the people who want to see me get 99. However I've come to see that it is all quite pointless, slaving over a game to make money to get a pixelated cape and a pixelated number just doesn't appeal to me. In conclusion I may come back to playing shortly after writing this, or I may take one of my nice long breaks from this here game and return at an undecided time. I'll still peek in on these forums and respond to any messages people send me but I really need to concentrate on my RL character right now, skilling tires you out irl but it keeps me occupied and my brain sharp, something which this game does not do for me any longer. This has definately been my longest and most progressive run playing on Dusty, but I think he needs a nice long rest for now, running around digging up stuff and teleporting and digging more stuff makes him mucho tired :XD: . Anywho, if anyone wants to add me on msn or whatever you're welcome to if you feel like it, I might not be on much seeing as this semester I have 2 english courses (tons of reading and writing) a business entrepreneurs(spelt wrong but whatever) course, gym(phr33 credit pls?), a night school media studies course about an hour subway ride away 3 hours a class every two days a week and work and of course friends to juggle around. MSN: [email protected] Yes my name is Elliot :wall: shush. Adios for a while, Dusty. PMG my name is Elliot too :thumbsup: gl wiht university n stoof
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