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  1. I checked on fully grown plants and there is no check health option.
  2. I need help on what i should do to get those 3 levels. Ive been growing ranarrs but its obviously not good exp. More money, but its nice money. Im going to keep growing them just for cash, but what should I grow for 3 levels. And what does it mean by checking health on plants and trees?
  3. use rune scimmys over rune longswords. Rune scimmy: attack stab: +7 slash: +45 crush: -2 deffence slash: +1 other str: +44 Long Sword attack stab: +38 slash: +47 crush: -2 deffence slash: +3 crush: +2 other str: +49 obviously everything is better.
  4. You should really crop your pics. And maybe get a new comp. Yours looks a little old :|
  5. Oh ok. Its just getting boring at a bank.
  6. Oh, so say I bought them? Then no?
  7. Would it be profitable or breaking even making rune arrows from 95 to 99 flecthing? Id rather be with some freinds then at a bank... Even if it is making 314k Rune arrows.
  8. ;O Good luck! Also... I was wondering, if you wanted to race to 99? Heres my goal bar.
  9. Grats on your cooking levels! Only 20 more levels!!
  10. Good guide. Ill have to try it when I go mine some! Also put cash profits and that kind of stuff.
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