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  1. EDIT: Opps n\m, miss understood. LoL, my fault.
  2. Shes right. Oh, and I've been playing since before there even was a members, and I agree with her. Nice try though. P.S - The old look sucked. When it first came out, it looked like a slightly darker bronze long. Then after Jagex fixed it (due to scams), it looked like they had drawn it in paint :roll: .
  3. The zelda one isn't his. He ripped it off Wizardgir. http://s7.invisionfree.com/mysticknight ... topic=4513 He never said it was his,it shows Wizardgir's name on both anyways. :? Wizardgir IS my good friend that made these. Duuur :P .
  4. Hey now dont bite MY head off people. Calm down and stop flipping out for a minute. My friend made his own. If you look, his metroid sig has almost all differences from those. He made have copy pasted the clip in Samus' visor, but to me thats about it. So stop freaking out. Besides, the Zelda one pwns. :? .
  5. Wow really? I had no idea his sigs would sell that much. And he is going to college to design websites and stuff (dunno EXACTLY what he is majoring in), but all I know is that he has always been good with graphics and stuff like this.
  6. These arent for sell, nor can they be used here on Tip.it, but I wanted to post them to see what you'd think of them. I think they are awesome myself. Also, if he were to sell kinds like this, how much you think he could sell a piece? I really like this one. Maybe its cause I like Zelda alot. This one is my favorite of the two. Look inside Samus' visor, its clips from actual Metroid games :wink: . -- Justw anted to see what you thought of them, and how much you think he could get for them. THEY ARE NOT FOR SELL AND YOU CANNOT TAKE THEM!!
  7. Zibl

    Sig. Size!?

    Thank you very much. Also thank you for ading the missing border.
  8. Zibl

    Sig. Size!?

    B U M P. Oh come now. It cant be TOO much trouble for someone to please save it as a lower quality :( . It isn't too much over 30k KB as it is, but I still ned it downsized. Please someone?
  9. Zibl

    Sig. Size!?

    Oh. Poo! The problem with that is, I dont have a program were I can choose the quality of a .JPEG , so the only thing I can save it in (and it look like its supposed to) is .PNG (in paint). EDIT: Could someone save it so its the right size, but still looks like its supposed to? If it isn't too much trouble.
  10. Zibl

    Sig. Size!?

    How am I suppose to the size of my sig. pic? It has been removed twice, and I made it lots smaller the second time. I dont know why they keep taking the thing out, because its not big at all: thats not too big is it? It couldn't be. Yet for some reason it keeps getting taken out. Help?
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