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  1. I survived with 15hp and 2 Gladz chasing me (h)? Before Bk left the Alliance,I could tell there was some minor feuds,especially when it came to bsing in wild(Ie:A Bk would train hut and a Gladz p2p team would kill him despite him saying he was Bk).I figured eventually one member of Alliance would leave,except Gladz since they need butt buddies :P we 4 ze godness (H)? What about me?, I survived with half food :twisted:
  2. *deleted the ones i knew nothing about DI -strong p2p clan RSD -a future di SA -strong, grew very fast THE -old, steady, good jr program BK -lost some power, but will survive JAGZ -old and steady FEAR -active pk clan with medium levels TDL -only remember old one with trunx leading, haven't seen anything about the new one TDS -history with rsmob GLADZ -a sea of green EOS -zf's walk-out clan TRWF -helli and aegina :wink:
  3. 1. DS-defeated di. 2. DI-good quality but will only go down with their numbers. 3. Gladz-has numbers to beat di/ds but haven't warred either. 4. SA-Doing better than I thought but their stabilty is questionable. 5. Rsd-Good wildy activity but never warred. 6. The-Haven't warred the top clans, but has very good jr. clan which will make help them grow much faster than the rest. (dunno the rest)
  4. Gj ds for number 1 :P And there should be no way that di turns this into a null. *cough zf war*
  5. definately, would be a step closer to clan support and there are no cons to this
  6. 1. di 2. zf 3. td 4. gladz 5. ds 6. kt 7- bk 8. trwf 9. mk 10. the
  7. 1] Di 2] Zf 3] Gladz 4] Td 5] Bk 6] Mk 7] Trwf 8] Anarchy 9] Ds 10] The
  8. Strength 1] Di 2] Zf 3] Gladz 4] Td 5] Bk 6] Mk 7] Anarchy 8] Trwf 9] The 10] Tmrd
  9. I don't think we should win number 1 because you guys had some cheaters. But I also don't think that you guys should win with cheating.
  10. This is my own opinion and not zf's. Di won the battle, but also cheated. We only have 3 or so pictures proofs of di cheating, but we can't catch everything. There may have been more. There were also a number of di that came back unarmed. Sure most were unarmed, but they could have helped call names (which some did). I heard a member of di say that if zfe comes on noobs as food mules, di would get an automatic win. And also the rpkers attacked both sides. They weren't called on by zf. I was chasing jeremy carr through gd ruins when I ran into a bunch of rpkers. I lagged and came back in lumby. Personally I think this should be a draw and have a rematch some other day. If not every clan should start encouraging cheating, because it won't be punished as long as your clan is the last one standing.
  11. How do you know that they weren't coming back from chasing devils. Many ran. There are also pictures of devils banking
  12. i don't get why it should be a draw, 64 was the agreed server (bronxie you said yourself on msn). We were waiting below gds at 20 minutes after the war was supposed to begin. You guys were not there. So we went up. I had not been told that we gave you the defencive advantage. There was also multiple examples of people fighting for devils that weren't supposed to be there and also people filming that was not okayed by the zf side.
  13. wildy is empty rs should force more non pkers there by overcrowding :lol:
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