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  1. lol sad yea i know its not extremely horrible.. but it was a 6 step clue, sending me all over runescape... bolkoy twice >.<
  2. tbh the list cant be right... im not on it and i started runescape the same month it came out to the public -- jan 2001 btw my rsn is zerbs
  3. *looks at his own rsn* also i know wintergreen katano ssj-goku <-- yea actually know him irl kirby hardroc ashley lil-jayman oh and cant forget "tool" i could come up with a few more.. but im tired :XD:
  4. Sexygirl17 ^^^ lmfao ^^^ *hides* i have no idea who made that character p.s. it was mine
  5. ehh not bad, you should get a godsword :D it owns the gods tbh
  6. gotta admit.. nice vid.. to bad they did something against the rules and got banned for it though :roll:
  7. noes :( i took like.. alot from you didnt i? :oops: ill see what i can do now to help ya get it back :thumbsup: :
  8. well me goal was to go from 99 mage (got on sunday) and the 16m i had turn it into a purple.. in 1 week.. well.. ill show a few pics.. but i think u already know what happened : that was my bank.. full dragon and a mage cape then after 2 days of staking i had this lots of stakes ending this way... but mind you.. im not perfect and dont always win.. well.. at long last.. after 5 full days of staking (mon-friday) i finally got the best picture of them all
  9. lol im the owner of that god shard now 8-) unless u sold it and i won a dif one.. dont remember if i staked u at all in the past few nights.. but nice dude im curently at 50m cash blue mask and green mask :thumbsup: started with 16m :-$ 9.9/10 noones perfect.. but ur freaking close
  10. for those of u that asked how i got so much cash so fast.. uh.. i think this pic will help out a bit.. :oops: i jsut became a staker :
  11. i r no gud leet spellr... wdf did you say? :o also sum41 rules <3
  12. mage is in no way.. easy.. i hated training it.. but omg i love barraging.. the cape was so worth it (cost me around 10m since i ice bursted at ape atoll)
  13. oh well.. kidna messed up the picture.. but hey.. im still 99 mage right? :
  14. wow...... actually i had a completely full bank about a week ago, then i had 7 staffs left? i got lots of d boots, merchanted some boots.. and got more boots.. and now i have that bank .. grow up and stop trying to flame people when u dont know what ur talking about
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