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  1. I disagree. F2P is the trial version of runescape. This is another thing that jagex does to make you annoyed enough to buy members. -.-
  2. 15 :D btw whats Brill? is that bad? 1215 total with 81 combat
  3. I have never reported any of my friends. But I did report a couple of my "friends" I donno if i would be mad if my friend reported me because I never do anything wrong. :wink:
  4. probly farming I love wood cutting. I know. I am weird :shock:
  5. Me and were talking about this last week: Law and Nature staffs. :shock:
  6. http://img162.imageshack.us/my.php?image=outfitpr1.png Its my friends santa :x he sold it now so I wear my 1337 bobble hat. :lol:
  7. and its the free pure ess and free law runs world :D
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