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  1. Who decides who meets those requirements? People will always have different opinions on which clan meet those requirements. Without people being in every single clan, people have bias opinions. The clan community at times, take other peoples words as fact. "This clan sucks" etc. etc. It gets passed along to different players without them even knowing why they "suck". Maybe, the first person got pk'd by that clan and was just venting. But now, has turned into a gossip that that clan "sucks". Its happened and no doubtedly will happen again. IMO, who cares who the greatest clan is. Find the clan that is the greatest to you no matter what other people say about it. Do your own homework and think for yourselves instead of listening to what people say. S_C_Stunner: Thats cool. I basically quit like 3 - 4 months ago. Started playing Conquer Online. I can't say CO 4 lyfe though, kind of getting bored of it. :lol:
  2. Its been a very... very... long time to say the least. Hope you've been staying out of trouble. 8-) What happened to Randy Orton's #1 fan? :P EDIT: Its hard to say who among the clans past and present is the greatest. What are the requirements? Is it based on power? longevity? determination against odds? Too many factors IMO.
  3. The Devils Clan was ranked in the top 5 for awhile in clan rankings because they pk'd a hell of alot. DI and Devils had a nice p2p wilderness rivalry. Of course Devils were usually on the losing end. :lol: But, it was still fun. You clearly don't know what you are talking about with disbanding. The Devils Clan only disbanded once and only once after a year of existance. I think you have confused the hacking of the site at one point; and the theft of their boards at a later date as a disbanding. They never disbanded at those times. They just moved forums. And just to clarify The Devils Clan didn't "just" about lose all their wars. They DID lose all their official wars. I do agree though. The Devils Clan shouldn't be catergorized as one of the greatest clans. It was a great clan, but there are so many more that deserve that honor. 8) EDIT: Forgive me for bumping an old post. I'm basically retired from RS but this topic caught my eye. :lol: Noticed it was an old topic after I posted.
  4. No one answered me huh... ZF were there early and stole the defend position therefore breaking the rules of the war agreement...
  5. So you guys were there early then weren't you? Darkpaladin had told Bronxie 3:40 central. But we were apparently late, even though you guys were early... Bronxie even said that leaders were to tell their clans it started at 3:30.. kinda stupid if it was actually supposed to start at 3:40. So seeing as though only 2 of our leaders actually knew it was at 3:40, and the rest of the clan didn't, we weren't really early. Ps. flame away i know you'll make some excuse. It was agreed upon by leaders 3:40 central... and we were to defend. You guys were there at 3:35 central and set up to defend. Was ZF suppose to be there at 3:35 central? NO, but they were. I guess agreements between leaders means spit... Wheres my excuse? Or are those facts?
  6. So you guys were there early then weren't you? Darkpaladin had told Bronxie 3:40 central. But we were apparently late, even though you guys were early...
  7. I remember seeing food 4 mishu as well... he was at the last Devils Clan war as well. An uninvited guest of EOH... Jimmy I, love that sig. Teletubbies are prayer newbs. :lol:
  8. I don't remember the exact spacing and such, but along time ago I remember seeing this name. "SirLagsAlot" I thought it was quite clever. :lol:
  9. Okay tombo thank you for basically admitting you're an idiot and I think it's kind of funny that you are insulting me by saying that I am more articulate than you lol that's just funny. I see a similarity here...ZF cannot accept being defeated whether it be verbally or in war. Tombo and pure stre proved that. I said you're the main advocate of ZF cause you post more than anyone lol. you're blinder then my grandma, read my other post where i put zf lost. not admitting im an idiot im just showing that im not as much as a geek then you who reckons hes hard cos he can post well on forums. im done with this post too, oh and you did make a mistake... its str not stre. :) 'idiot' Oh my god, you admitted defeat and then continued to say Gladz stink for having lower lvls. And yeah you call me a geek which is an inadvertent declaration that you're dumb. Excuse me for the fact that the only thing you're better at me in is knowing your fellow members' names more accurately than I do tombo :roll: :roll: the only thing? lmao, im not the wannabe gangsta who calls himself bronxie, go get tupac to kill me plz. Not as if it's any of your business, but my name was a nick name given to me when I moved out of the Bronx and somewhere else. So I didn't realize living in the bronx makes me a wannabe gangster. Thanks for the ignorant retorts, ZF. aww did i hit a soft spot>? waah, if you think you're better then me at everything, then good for you because you arent, maybe on computers and posting replies on forums. But quite frankly i have no more time for you so have fun writing novels on here and looking words up in the dictionary and using spell check so you can make a perfect post. now im done, you'll see next time gladz zf > you anways :D Whats your problem? Why do you have to act like a Jackass?
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