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  1. is that you doing that dance crusader? :P or is it soph? One is Soph and one is crus. Word of advise, NEVER get drunk when Den is arround, you never know if he has a camera. In other news Den's camera has gone missing :twisted:
  2. You can have it :lol: *Steels rum, blog, avvy, house, bank account and life* :
  3. His sig is too big aswell by the looks of it after all it has been replaced. Can I has da rum?
  4. Its in sammys house which is unlocked so help yourself :thumbsup:
  5. Dont you just love things that go BUMP in the night? :
  6. They can spawn any single item they choose, I remember on one of the older Screenshot threads, a mod was spawning different partyhats in front of people and wearing them for fun. Jagex mods can also move people (you can find pics of people dancing in the old varrock fountain, and dancing with the white knights in the party room on the table), and do a ton of other things (Mat K said in the pic he can tele from 52 wild. Ya It comes with the downfall of No trading, No Fighting other players as far as I know (unless it was changed), and no fighting monsters i Believe. (I could be wrong, was Mat K Attacking the CE at the event? He was fighting both the revs and the chaos ele.
  7. As i've told you before "Soph is hawt" is a good title :mrgreen: How about "where is the rum? right here!"
  8. Its alive its alive its alive muhahahahahahahahahaha also bump.
  9. I think that update you gave me a while ago got lost in the post as I still havent got it ;)
  10. Sorry I missed it, I was all ready to log in when BT decided to stop my internet access again :x Anyway, Grats on getting the hawtest cape around :thumbsup: \ :thumbup: =D> :thumbsup: \
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