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  1. First of all, the guide is great, but I must say I do like to toot my own horn about errors I've noticed (but it's a very indepth guide, and plan on reading many more). I must say that the only good update now would be that PKing and Trading before the update would return. Though it would come back with the return of RWT, but I've noticed over my several years that we have figured out our own ways of combating the Bots/Gold Farmers/Account Sellers. For instance, how many of us used to kill those we were lead to believe were Green Dragon Bots, if you look through the forums, there is a guide to killing them. Also they've got guides how to fight Yew/Fishing/Mining Bots too. Theres only one, maybe to updates we might be able to agree on. First one is the notify the a trade receiver that there is something changed in the trade and who can forget the Grand Exchange. The GE allowed us to sell/buy large quantities in short periods of time easily except for the highly annoying (in my opinion) down payment to sell with the GE.
  2. I dont know to many MMORPGs, that decided to become RPGs
  3. If I could stay logged in all day playing Runescape it wouldn't bother me, but with all the new updates, I've had to begin thinking of more inventive ways to make money. When I started Runescape couple years ago, everything was about 1.5x more then it is now. Also there was now scamming for cash as much. The thing I want to see done with the bots is either allow ONE bot per runescape owner, OR allow no bots on runescape at all by banning all users of autoing programs within Runescape. This includes IP bans as if you've done it once, you'll do it again.
  4. Here's all you need to know: Ice Barrage when there moving Shadow Barrage when there standing still And use Blood Barrage to regain health
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