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  1. As thers a saying "Everyone dies, but not everyone has lived." so i believe our purpose on earth is to be who we are and contribute our individualism. If people are all negative and afraid of everything, they are not living, they are just like a souless zombie. So go out their and enjoy yourself :wink:
  2. it would be so awsome if the new nintendo revolution controller, also functioned as my tv, stereo and dvd player controller. So i would choose function
  3. Orunge


    ooo.. i remember when i was like 5 yrs old in kindergarden, i locked my friend out in the closet :twisted: then he started crying, and as for punishment i was sent into the cloakroom for like 15 mins, to think about what i did. But, i still got in trouble everyday after and before that incident :roll:
  4. Orunge

    Dream Pets

    i want a penguin too 8)
  5. stupid moss giant worshiper ;p
  6. crossroads - with britney spears :roll:
  7. i wanna recommend sirith_knight his stories are suspenful and well written http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=196480
  8. awwww.... thats so happy. i know something bad is abouty to happen :twisted:
  9. hate to say this, im canadian and it is the canadian army that is wearing forest green uniform in afghanistan
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