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    scouts, Girls, Red-cross, Conan, Backpack traveling, no drinking, party, dancing, fantasy, scifi, writing, helping, being helped
    and most of all LovE

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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. Happy Birthday, Fresi... Have fun! =)

  3. Happy birthday! :D

  4. Happy birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday Fresi!

  6. so they still have not removed the 5k cw thingy. It is just amassing the it was even put there in first place, still dose not justify bots. good to see that they at least try and do something, I just wish there was more they could do.
  7. BlazeTheMovieFan, By guthix, did i just have to actually write that down if it was the first thing to pop up in my mind.. I need a moment to rethink this X) small teddy bears that run around in a forest.
  8. Baned because you do not grasp the very importance of that overly simplistically complex non good bann from a universe far beyond your human black gibberish solutes sense.
  9. Blood, as i don't even know what a dusknoir is/taste like, it might taste good ;D Would you rather run around the world without stopping or.... be forced to stay on the same sq meter all your life.
  10. 24 years, 7 of those with Rs and plenty of those spent with tip.it, as a reminder to myself i log in here now on my b-day to say how much this community has meant for my life. I love and miss you all.

  11. It will be a demonstration of optimus, a new Npc that will walk around rs, killing bots ;)
  12. I'm cutting down on Rs, preparing for work in real life, and a summer without internet, also lost some interest due to sof, you will always reach me here if you have to tho <3

  13. Might that be the god war battle in what became wilderness? Im not any good at runescape lores, but did zamy not have the stone of jas, and was mainly located in what is now wilderness? seams like a future quest to me :thumbsup: :ohnoes: btw, i like the trailer, dosnt say much about the game, but almost no good game trailer dose, for that you look at game-play videos :)
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