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  1. mrpez

    Working out topic

    this topic is back...surprise. rebdragon, there really isnt a corollary between leg strength and upper body strength. it may be strange that someone would focus only on lower body though. as an example, a friend of mine leg presses 1000lb but only benches 150-160 regularly.
  2. ah, my last post in this topic: halo 3 is fun.
  3. back from my 3 day ban lol. yeah, can someone show me one of those empty forge maps where people practice no-scoping in a small room? i made a make-shift one i play on sometimes, but a better made one would be cool.
  4. he lives on a farm. its not hard to comprehend. and people dont have to be forcibly impregnated to lactate, its just hormones.
  5. a friend of mine used double xp to gain 2500 xp in 3 weeks.
  6. mrpez

    Working out topic

    for christ's sake can we move the hell away from the subject of a sticky?
  7. mrpez

    Working out topic

    as the post has been deleted/moved without notice, this is our replacement. i think we have a right to discuss it, where else can we do it? i made many posts in that topic and it was pretty much the only reason i came to tipit. a working out topic deserves a sticky more than "post pictures of your desktop!" or "post pictures of your pets!" it can benefit everyone on these boards whereas a picture of your dog really wont do [cabbage] for me. the only reason it could have been moved was a post rarex made, which could have simply been deleted. perhaps said mod has something against exercise.
  8. mrpez

    Working out topic

    i cant find it either, and it says "you are not authorized..." as well. which moderator made that brilliant move? deleting a whole thread because of one post...
  9. what the hell happened to the old one? i cant find it and when i search for it nothing comes up. edit: if it was deleted then just start over here. (or if some mod can sticky a working out topic?) if it deleted i think it was unnecessary. the last post rarex made may have been offensive, but its not grounds to delete a whole topic.
  10. mrpez

    Working out topic

    lenticular how did you manage to drop 5 lbs a week? were you overweight to begin with?
  11. mrpez

    Working out topic

    no, i did 3 sets of 25. reps is just short for repetitions, and there is no set number for reps. mean is that 10 reps does not always equal 1 set. a set can have as many reps as a person chooses. where do you get these strange ideas from?
  12. is it possible to play halo 3 online now? i havent been online for a few days, but ive heard that its very laggy, etc.
  13. i dont think anyone can match the magnitude of what weird al has done. his song rewrites are pretty funny, but do get old after a while.
  14. im going to live in a van down by the river
  15. the title is a bit ambiguous, yes, but i think whats happening is more interesting and important.
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