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  1. Monster: Hellhounds Amount: 171 Crimson: 6 Green: 12 Gold: 117 Blue: 3
  2. bloodvelds drop all four kinds, but they seem to drop green the most, followed by gold. abby specs drop all four as well, but pretty evenly distributed. Because of this they're one of the better not-so-high-lvl sources of blue charms I've found so far.
  3. bone bolts are very cheap. It'd probably take less than 2k to get from 43 to 50, and they're only 4ea.
  4. that's the one :) thanks a ton
  5. no no no this wasn't a "map" per se, it just had all the names of the quests, with lines between them to indicate the connections
  6. Don't flesh crawlers have 25 hp... so much more clicking? :-X flesh crawlers are aggressive against all levels :D I'd recommend lesser demons or mossies on crandor though
  7. I have, it wasn't in there
  8. well, the profit per ess is (161)x2 - 150 = 172 10,000,000 / 172 = 58139
  9. 58,139 pure ess, which is 116,278 cosmics :shock:
  10. I remember seeing a big jpeg picture someone had made which basically mapped out all of the quests, with each quest being connected to the ones you needed to do before it. Anyone remember it or know which forum that topic was in? :|
  11. AFKing is against the rules, but yes it is possible to read the forums while fighting them :P
  12. I was thinking the same thing when it came out. I'm hoping it's something they plan to do once it's been out for a certain period of time, because it's not the type of thing they would overlook :P
  13. I think you're preaching to the wrong crowd here. Most people on tip.it are more understanding of the motives behind the updates than your average rs player :P edit: but yes it is quite annoying when people just whine and whine for no reason about how jagex is "destroying their lives" -.-
  14. Wow you just made so many erronous assumptions it's not even funny :roll:
  15. should take more than a week playing 1-2 hours a day
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