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  1. Hey nice blog! I'm just wondering but how do you get like 600k mining experience or like 16m woodcutting experience in 1day?
  2. What is the best f2p monster to make money off of? My stats are Att-90 Str-88 Def-78 HP-86
  3. where can i get charcoal..?
  4. just keep going back to detail select then back till world 1 or 2 has an opening
  5. runescape tip it youtube and invisionfree site that i never posted on...
  6. yewlongs are 768 alched, also just do what he said
  7. buy iron ore 100 ea and coal 180 smelt together then sell steel bars for 600+ ea
  8. or get ice burst and go to castle wars and pick up a lot of barricades and set them up like this, XXX XXX XyX If you stand where the Y is you will hit all of them at once and get a TON of XP from each cast. which is a lot of XP for your money. If you hit about 20 on each barricades that is 640 XP per cast.
  9. i would go with the rune crossbow in my opinion
  10. it will degrade for sure ive done it... even though it isnt getting hit ur wearing it and attacking sumthing.
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