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  1. Kind: Signature Style: Abstract Size: 350 x 175 Render/Stock picture: http://www.planetrenders.net/renders/albums/userpics/33734/normal_boston.png B/W? No Text color: You choose Text: Slack3r Border What fits in Brushes you want to be in the sig: What fits in Font wish: http://www.dafont.com/the-quiet-scream.font When was your last order? A month ago Other message:
  2. size: 400 x 200 font: Dont really care, just want it to say canadianzero style: abstract render: http://www.render-world.com/renders/albums/userpics/15824/normal_2pac1lv.png
  3. F_M_N_T

    Lock Plz

    Size: 400 x 200 Color scheme: Yellow, white and black Text: Canadiznzero Font type (leave blank and I'll find one): Image: http://www.render-world.com/renders/albums/userpics/10052/normal_santana%20render%20copy.png
  4. F_M_N_T

    Rant generator?

    Ahha, i was looking for rant, not complaint, but that is the site. Thank you :pray:
  5. Ok, i couple years ago on Runeboard, there was this post that this guy made and it was a huge rant. We all thought he was nuts for writing out a big long essay on one little thing, then he told us there was a generator. You just type in what you want to rant about, and then how many paragraphs and it comes out. I was wondering if anybody has heard of this site and if they could please tell me what it is. Or what to search for in google. Ive looked around but can not find it.
  6. F_M_N_T


    If you havent started mine yet, instead of 606 Killa'z could you make it 606 Killaz
  7. F_M_N_T


    Main Text: 606 Killa'z Secondary Text ANTFW Font http://www.dafont.com/freshman.font Size [email protected] Render Theme Abstract Additional Information Thanks for doin it
  8. Marijuana cant be detected when you blow. So you could be driving while high, get in a accident, and just be charged with getting in a accident. And not charged with driving high
  9. Size: Tip.It Background style: Abstract Background colors: Black and white Renderized image: Text: 606 Killa'z Subtext: ANTFW Font: http://www.dafont.com/porn-star-academy.font Text color: White Sub text color: White
  10. I know ive already ordered a sig but i was wondering if i could order another :uhh:
  11. I quit hockey this year, and my dad was REALLY disapointed. I told him i wanted to ski, even though ive loved hockey for 8 years. After a while, you realize, its the same old stuff over again, and you just want to do something new. My dad understood and now hes behind me in whatever i want to do with skiing.
  12. Kind: Sig Style: Abstract Size: Colors: Render: http://www.render-world.com/gallery/albums/userpics/13376/pw0gp.png Font: Text color: Text: 606 Killaz Subtext: ANTFW Border Brushes you want to be in the sig:
  13. What are some good render sites
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