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  1. The advertisements support their products. Companies can't just give away thousands of dollars to every single charity. But with ads, their name gets out and people buy their product. I currently support powerbars. I never heard of them before Socialvibe, but now if I see them in the store, I might just check them out.
  2. Moderator notice: I would like to draw attention to this point: This is not "mine". This is a charity-based thing, run by a non-profit organization. I have no affiliation with it. This is just what I am doing from the good in my heart. I am not just advertising. This thread is for discussion. From my knowledge, Tip.It encourages charity events, and this is just that, charity. If it is still against the rules, though I strongly believe it isn't, feel free to delete. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I saw like an amazing bulletin on Myspace, I really recommend reposting this on your Myspace's, Facebooks, and other sites you go on! I think I'll make a Tip.It one, they usually encourage those types of things. ------------------------------- Hey all you cool people. Please read this all: Ok, so I found out about a thing called Socialvibe. It's basically a site that gives money to charity. What you have to do is sign up, which takes about 3 minutes. Then you have to select a sponsor. I recommend Sprint, as it gives triple points and has some pretty nice rewards for it's members. So every time someone opens your profile, the sponsor you choose gives money to your charity. When you make an account, I recommend you pick the charity "Charity: Water". It donates a WHOLE bunch of water to people in Africa. Take the time to watch the following video, it will give you a bunch of information: Please watch it all, you'll make me very happy. Its only 2 minutes, watch it. Ok so now you know what to do. If you've ever looked at your profile views on your home Myspace page where you see all your bulletins, top friends, if you have new comments, ect. It'll say how many profile views you have. I've only had my Myspace for 3 weeks and I already have 1000 views. Think about it. If you pick Sprint as your advertiser, you get 3x points. That 3,000 points for every 1000 profile views. And if I get 10 people to do Socialvibe, thats 30,000 points for every 1000 views. And then say they repost this bulletin and get 10 more. Thats at least 300,000 points. And say someone that owns Google sees it and they add it to the Google homepage. Google gets millions of hits everyday. Think about how much money that could raise. As of right now, Charity: Water has 21,343 dollars. Thats enough money to provide water for more that 100,000 people as the video said. I know we all say the, "I'm only one person, I can't do much" well you can. You really can. I'm slowly going vegan (vegetarian first). Being a vegan means that I won't eat any meat, dairy, or anything from animals. I'm not doing it just because of animals rights, I'm doing it because I can actually make a difference in the world, and save lives, animal and human. "Twenty-thousand pounds of potatoes can be grown on one acre of land, but only 165 pounds of beef can be produced in the same space." -www.myspace.com/vegexpress0 So say I eat one pound of meat a day, which is pretty average. 165+165=330 So about a year, 365 days. So instead of a years worth of meat, there could be 44,000 POUNDS of potatoes. Do you know how many people that could feed? It could save a childs life in Africa. So if I was vegan my entire life, I could literally save lifes. This is the same exact thing. For every one person that signs up, it provides clean water for one person for a year. That could save a life. I'm not asking you to change your diet. Just use 15 minutes of your time to save a life. What I'm asking you to do is to repost this bulletin, register to http://www.socialvibe.com using the link below, pick the charity Charity: Water, pick a sponsor that does 3x points, (Sprint, Powerbar, ect.) put it your Myspace profile, Facebook, and any other websites you go on, do anything to help raise points and money. You will not get spam mail, or be negatively effected. You will just feel good about yourself. You can repost this bulletin by hitting reply to poster, then copying all the text, and reposting it as a bulletin. Repost as Everyone, read this. You can help people and save lives. or anything that stays on what this topic is about, so nothing completely random, but draws your friends attention. Leaving comments and sending messages is also very helpful. You really can make a difference with just 15 minutes. Thank you for reading this all, and for hopefully registering with the link below, reposting the bulletin, and supporting Charity: Water. http://www.socialvibe.com/matthewlush --------------------- So everyone, make a Socialvibe account! The Tip.It Forums won't allow embeding things, so we can't put the adds in our signatures, but we can do it in other places! I think we should really get involved in making the world a better place. It'll bring us together as a community, and we can do a lot as a group! So if you see any "help people" things like this, make a topic! So make a Socialvibe account, repost the bulletin on some other sites you go on, and start adding up points! Discuss all Socialvibe stuff here, ranks, points, ect. I'll get a guide going in a bit on how to maximize your points.
  3. Shey is FIERCE. But your not a dancing pure anymore!!!! :shock: :o
  4. Hawt handome men! :XD: Go Andufus goooo! You'll achieve your goals, and make some new friends along the way! Yay! :P
  5. Wow, I didn't know Shey had a blog. :shock: Good luck on your many goals! \ And Gratz on 99 Dancing!!!!!!!!one111shift!!111one!!!!111!!
  6. Apples are the best! OSX FTW! Why are they in the same category :-s
  7. I collect flowers, I have about 100 of each! :thumbsup: At about 7 different types, that's 700 flowers, 500 ea is 350k! \
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