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  1. mmmmhmmmmmm so ye, idk when i was last on tip.it...... anyone remember me??? yerrrrrrrrr
  2. thats so cool!!!!! omg thats wicked..... nothing more to say but WOW :shock:
  3. THAT LOOKS WICKED!!!!! :thumbsup: but it isnt aloud in my sig. its to big i think :uhh:
  4. whats the website that its from?
  5. Size: 400*150 Render / Stock: http://www.planetrenders.net/renders/di ... pos=-17125 Text: Fantastic White Sub-text: D3M0NX Anything Else: colors.....: crystal looking blue and white please thanks
  6. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU RUINED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY IN GODS NAME DID YOU SAVE IT AS JPEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you need to start over dude......now it sucks. see all the fuzzy stuff around it? thats bad and wil nearly take forever to fix
  7. what program do you use? just msg me back by pm
  8. you didnt make that......its from a website. whats the website called anyways? i forget.
  9. he did brake is spine, and rist, almost a rib
  10. lol he did that thing is kinda funny...didnt you atleast go crazy over the crazy eyes :thumbsup:
  11. so what...the fact is that he fell 50 ft and lived. 50!!! walking away with like a hurt rib, broken rist isnt that bad for a 50 ft fall dude.... =; he could have DIED heck he is kinda lucky that he only broke his rib and vertebra....ok maybe not that lucky but you kinda get the idea.. :uhh:
  12. yea well we dont have any mp3 versions yet but were trying
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