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  1. I asked Star if I can make some sigs for people. -.- Didn't know you wanted a banner..
  2. Here be one of the renders you requested: [img=http://img177.imageshack.us/img177/5007/skullywingjq6.jpg] :-w
  3. ^ ^ I fould a few autoers that had reached 99 wc. One of them even made it to rank 9 overall in the hs for Wc. :? Until I reported it a few times. A few days after that I searched 'it' in the hs and it wasn't to be found. : I rawk.
  4. Went through stages 1-7 already, Currently on stage 8. -.-
  5. Added a "Friends Blog" list to it. Pm me or reply here if you want me to add you to it. (But not anyone can be put up, I have to have some sort of connection with you).
  6. A good program that's easy to use is The Gimp. Here's a render site: Planetrenders Here's a font site: DaFont Here's a site for tutorials: GimpTalk Nintendo Forums
  7. Dang..it's gonna take a while to catch up to you.. :wall: Anyways, good luck on 1100 total.
  8. I'm a f2p level 70 combat skiller myself :), maybe you've seen my topic, but I'm going for 1100 total too. If I'm not too far ahead once you get 99 wc, maybe we could race to 1100 without getting any combat levels. O_O I've been looking a long time for a person just like me. \ Finally found that person. Sure, I'll race you.
  9. This is just a rough draft on a banner. Make it easier for you to decide on what kind you want.
  10. Is there any colors you would prefer?
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