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  1. You should target what is near you.

    1. D. V. Devnull

      D. V. Devnull

      Unless you're a mage/ranger, then you should target as far away as you possibly can! Sorry! ={

  2. Newbies have limitations, normal. Doing 25K Limitation does not stop these people. Just slow down. Once they have enough stuff, then just do more. Currently, I used to know about some neural networks are doing extremely well, Hard to trace (No exactly methods) and be able to act like animals. Jagex currently now block the stupid one, not the smart one since the smart one never read the stream, using backward to simulate the human work. The construction is very difficult, even got, still have not enough evidence to prove guilty.
  3. The quest looks like ancient spells,Requires 50Pray to join,also other conditions,refer from the offical site Here are two items that you have to collect in order to finish the quest. the horn and the icon Yesterday,We are only to use the ring of recoil in order to reflect some damage from foes and players. Now,the being depends how many prayer points you have. The horn: Location: Most north-west of wildy near the wildy agility course Suggest to wield: Dragon hide(black is the finest) to reduce damage from the ice demon if your prayer runs out. Shark glory white boots/ snakeskin boot Anti-dragon shield( It is the must) some laws and airs How to reach to the demon? 1.Access the area with heat globe 2.ignore the dragons,you have to be quick (use the anti-dragon shield) 3.Get in the castle 4.To access the doors,from E->W->Down,etc. 5.After you access the trapdoor,Go to the left 6.pick the globe in order to unlock the door 7.Telepick the globe after you get in the room with fiends 8.place the globe 9.Get down,find another one(You need two in order to get the imperfect one) 10.After you get the imperfect,Get out of the room,Find the smashed 11.Place and kick it 12.Enter again 13.Pick the last globe 14use hammer on the wall with hole(struck) 15.Kill the demon,After you finish,pick the horn and teleport it out. The icon: Suggestion: Using the temple knight suit to slay the six brothers,You should kill 5 of the 6 before you get in the tunnel to find the loot After you reach the treasure room,Open and search You picked the icon Get out with whatever mean in a short time After that,use the digsite necklace to reach to the place. Then You know what you should do About the Zaro altar: If you want to use the prayer efficient,You should have a level 71 of pray in order to use efficient. The melee reflexion. Also,It provides 15% more of prayer points when you pray at. Have fun
  4. The members of the site has released the high precision version of the diary requirement and the spoiler.
  5. The level 1 provides a 1000 xp lamp The level 2 provides a 7500 xp lamp The level 3 provides a about 10K xp lamp
  6. some reward: The cloak provides teleport method,so you can save runes the level 1 only contains a farming patch teleport,once a day the level 2 contains another teleport,the Monastery(Ardougne),you can use this anytime Level 3: Don't know exactly,but provides a Z.M.I Altar teleport
  7. May be you are right,but i don't think so .
  8. Based with some previous result,You better be pure to do it. Here are some tasks that you have to do in pure skill 1.Yew tree planting in falador diary: No gardeners can help you.
  9. Common thing on diaries: 1.Pure skill levels,that mean if you need a level 69 of agility to do something,you need the level to do That is 69 out of 69. 2.NO Assistance during you are doing diaries like gardeners,boosters like dwarven trout 3.Some quests need to be finished in order to finish some task. Some quests are the key to access to the place like After you receive a permission for using fairy ring during the Fairytale 2 Quest. About Ardoudne: Quest based mainly,So you better do quests before you attempt it. Easy Task: Teleport to the rune essence mine by Wizard Cromperty Required Quest: Rune Mysteries Attempt to steal from guards or stalls in Ardy Requires: Level 40 Thieveing on guards or level 5 Thieveing on cake's stall Sell silk for 60gp each Require: Having slik on your hand to do You can get one in al kharid or stell from the stall to wait about 10 minutes. Use the altar in West Ardy: Required quest: Plague City Enter the Castle war waiting room Required: Nothing,But having ring of duelling for another task done. Fishing in the trawler game Required: NOne,Just need to be careful about your hp,you only need to sail to the sea,then click the captain to go back. Selling a cat in west ardy Quest Required: Gertrude's cat Item required: a cat,You will need to take 3 hours after you have a cat,make sure you drop yours on the ground. You don't need to deal with civillan,just ask how much he will buy one from you.(The answer is 100 deaths,today,one death rune costs at least 450 gp,so,3 hours for that sum may be good for beginners) Kill a uni-cow in the tower of life Quest Required: Tower of life Item required: Cowhide and unicorn horn Inspect the alter in the room carefully ,only the north-west one is the key. Put the two items on the altar,Then kill one. Get a Civilian to throw a tomato to a recruiter Quest Required: Plague City Attempt to pick-lock the door after the gem stall Skill Required: At least level 16 of thieveing. (28 is the finest solution) Spend Penguin's points NPC:Chuck or Larry Quest needed: Cold War use duelling ring to access to the castle wars easy,just buy one to do access the waiting room of castle wars easy,just get in and out to finish the task Medium: Enter the unicorn pen Quest required: Fairytale 2 after you receive a permission from the fairy king. teleport to the wildy Just pull the switch near a rat pit for it Z.M.I Item required: You still need at least one pure essence to do it. Advantage point: If you have accessed the lunar book,Make sure you have a level 71 of mage purely to finish a hard task. ballon route to the castle wars I have told you something below,follow to finish Hard Task: Be a winner in the castle wars: You have nothing to do,But high combat level is an advantage,you have to collect lots of flags to do For instance, You are in the zammy team,You have to get flags more than saradomin did in a 20-minute match. (depends you are lucky or not,i was lucky then 2 tickets: winner,1=tie,0=lose) Use capalult in the Castle wars? You need to finish the construction in the tirannwn before you can do that. Plant a fruit tree (Papaya or coconut) near the tree gnome village No assistance should be applied for the task,Level should be pure to do(i guess) check farming guide to do,farming level of 69 is used for planting a coconut tree,while 57 is for papaya trees pickpocketing a watchman with slience gloves 65 thieveing (must be pure) 54 of hunter(must be pure) I only reveil some hints for you,Since the list is longer than others and they are in a chain,So good luck! Comment about the diary: Skill is important,However quests are more important for the diary. Others are skill-based. Quests are still increasing,So dare you don't contact them? Some caution points: High combat level after the tower of life is very useful,You can finish a task in easy,medium and hard at the tower of life. Here are the monsters that you have to kill (Based with their combat level,higher the harder) 1.Unicow(25,horn and untanned cowhide) 2.Swordchick (swordfish and chicken in raw) in medium task 3.Frogeel (You will need giant frog legs and raw cave eel to do) in hard task What you will get from them? unicorn horn from unicow (at least 2) feathers from swordchick (i don't know the amount,but 5 may be the minimum) raw cave eel from frogeel(at least 2) How to use the ballon to access the castle wars? 1. finishing the Enlightened Journey is a must 2. having a firemaking level of 50 (pure) 3. prepare 10 yew logs and tinderbox 4. go to where you are able to make law runes 5. follow the guide in the site to unlock it 6. then,you have finished the medium task Additional report: Some people have reveiled the whole task,it is the first elite task in the game The total steps are 61.
  10. Farming,runecrafting and tablet making some people have suggested you to farm some herbs and fruit,PaPaya is good for hunting(I used to catch one pawya with hunter pot),but coconut is slightly better for poison making. You are able to get a lot of cashhhhh under the three skills now,Also please accuqire the right of making bones to peaches tablet(cast) in order to reduce the production cost. For maximum profit of making tablet,I suggest you to do one thing Use bracelet of clay(28 per one) before you mine 28 hard clay near yanille per trip,i used to do this.it's useful if you can't get some soft clay in the exchange for P2P world I guess your magic is able to do this at least.
  11. it worths,if you can apply piety during these beast killing at least. Unfortunately,I have not enough fund for it
  12. I have to know one thing first,How many Quest points do you have? The maximum number is 284. Higher is better,man. Generally,Making bolts and arrows can get some money,it is usually to do so,also using guild is a great advantage. If you want to do something simply,Just get some noted essence with wealth ring for banshees or kill some creature in the security stronghold(Slayer level of 10 is needed,also,you need earmuffs in order to avoid the attack usually). also,ranarr weed is in high demand,so please kill banshees or druid in order to get fund. Last but noe least,The summoning,I try to describe simply,Use mini-games to get a level of 52 first,also,Please use green,crimson and blue ones to train from a level 20 of until you reach that.
  13. I guess they are not doing enough,they should have two ways to do usually,i found that people may use Macroing for making bolts due to some issues(May be the physicsal questions,although Jagex group members use lawyers for avoid some unwelcome claiming in sueing),Can they do something like what they have done on arrows? There are 6 major problem about this (yesterday,you were allowed to make 10 pats of butter per transaction,even you have more than 10,now the maximum sum is 28) 1.They allow people to make 150 arrows per transaction (15 is one set),but normal bolts making is not. 2.Enchantment,one transaction for one set of items,you can find the true questions if you try to make more than 1000 emerald bolts(e) or more than 10 bracelet of clay Can they make a small improvement on this? allowing people make 10 per transaction is a good idea. 3. Cleaning herb,if they allow people to clean ten per transaction,they may discourage to use these macro tool for this? 4.Construction Workshop is used for training your construction. but one click per one can be horrible,they should ask how many chairs that a player likes to make (Maximum is 10 due to some issues)? 5.Tablet Same issues on 4. 6.Chatting Can they add a command for repeating (Maximum count is 5)some message like selling saradomin gs? I guess,if they can solve these issues,people will not use these tools anymore because you provide handy,reasonable methods.
  14. Possibly have some problem? Let's take a look! Conditions: Quests: Must have completed Royal Trouble Must have completed The Fremennik Isles Must have completed Mountain Daughter Must have completed The Fremennik Trials (The Three requires the quest,So it must be) Skill: Level 57 Magic Level 50 Agility Level 43 Herblore Level 41 Hunter Target: The Level 156 of Yeti,Should be able to use three combat ways to defeat it. Also,Be careful of the attacking waves in the ice cave. You should have at least level 85 of combat(including summoning),And the quest is only for members. Recommend quest during the trip: Fairy tale Part 2 After godfather asks you to find the Fairy Queen(That is,You get the permission of using Fairy Ring),So Having Dramen Staff is the must. Work Through: 1.Meet Manni the Reveller,The guy is located in the longhall,Rellekka 2.The problem is,how to invite the two people,So you will need to visit the two islands (You Do not need to visit both for the time being) (First,I suggest you go to neitiznot to meet Mawnis Burowgar first as the route is shorter than another island,the Fairy code to access there is CIP) You will receive that He won't go to the meeting unless you slove something,So,Go to the longhall to meet Manni. He gives you a note,When you read that out,There are two columns missing,So,Check your diary,Go to the two islands to check them out. Remember that the Queen is not answer anything during the quest,So,If you access the island with the longboat,Go to the west the meet the King,He will tell you a little about how to get there. Second one will provide another information,Only Mawnis Burowgar instests you. Combine the both,The location is Hunting area with Kyatts and sabre-tooth kebbits,DKS is the fairy code. The next step,Bring some food (At least Swordfish,monkfish is enough for the combat),Good Ranging armour with melee weapon like Dragon Longsword,Pickaxe(Bronze should be okay),Prayer potion is for saftly reason(3 doses should be okay). So,Take a look on the map on the website,The Starting Point is Rellekka,GO to east side,After you find the Dwarf City Entrance,Go to the north to the polar Hunting area,Climb the steps,Keep go to north. You will see there are some strange footprints,Tracking them,You will find the the end is at the 'Icy Chunks' Mine it and access,The Expert nearby warns you that you have to be very careful. Turn on Protect from Magic,Keep running,Yati in level 90 and 93 is not your targets. You will find another entrace,Get in. You see that There is a level 156 yeti,Turn on protect from melee to kill it,Becareful that it can shout at you to cause some damage(The worse case is like 15,So check your health!) After you kill,Take all drops,If you have some food,Drop them,You will need about 5 slots. After the killing,Prepare: Plank empty vial 15 Earth runes 1 cosmic runes Pole(Get from the mountain,You will have to access the area) one empty slot for another drop Pestle and Mortar Clean irit Remember How to bury the remains during the mountain daughter quest,Just follow the way to do so. However,After some talk you will be able to open the pack. You found there is one diamond root. So,What you have to do? Fill the spring water with your empty vial, Grind the root,Enchant the root with the Enchant spell(Modern book must be used,others like tablet should not be able to use). The King on Miscallania Put Irit,enchanted root dust,yati's hair into your vial,So Go back to Miscellania to meet the king,After you give the potion to the king,He agrees to go to the meeting. The woman on Jatizso Talk with her, said the person is RIP,gives her the axe,then Go to the left side of the island if you wear the fremmy boots. You know the next. After that,Talk to manni to start this. After the quest.... 3X5000 combat experience (NO prayer and NO Magic) 5000 Herblore experience and others,Check the Journal Hidden thing on the unfinished rune Requirements: After Lunar Diplomancy quest Make sure you have the seal to search it out,otherwise you will receive nothing. 1.Examine the people on the moonclan island,99% of the NPC has no effects 2.Finally,Check the chicken house. 3.After some talking,The witch likes the rune,she likes to get the one back. 4.You receive the storyboard,the XP lamp(2,500),the tablet What is the story after this? The story describes a team of 6(2 women,4 men no manni) to kill yati boss,However two men is cursed during the fight,The witch performs teleport spell to rescue them out. After they are at fishing guild, one of the 4 was very unlucky,Soon he was dead,the another one was turned to big yati. Since the witch wants to keep some secrets,So she wipes the five persons's memory for knowing the lunar secret.
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