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  1. Haha, i remember Dittos. You were an addy pure weren't you? Yeah i was lvl 62 i think when i stopped playing. Dude don't let leveling deter you from WoW. The game begins once you hit 70. Good to see an old face around! :D
  2. Dunno if anyone remembers me. name was Playa--2c & M A L T A. Used to pk a lot on RSC. I made M A L T A A for the first few months of 3d and got over it coz it was gay. I'm now playing WoW on the oceanic server of Jubei'Thos. I'm an Undead Warlock. My name is Unlockedd, hit me up if you happen to play it. I'd love to have a nostalgic chat about RSC. Peace. Also be interested in what other online games others have switched to now?
  3. It seems as though all the people posting on here haven't given WoW a good enough chance. The game is totally different at end game. Essentially to experience the real WoW you need to reach the level cap (now 70, previously 60). Trying to play WoW without being lvl 70 is like trying to pk when you are 1 combat.
  4. 2 best names i can remember are Fist Of God and Sthofheaven.
  5. To whoever said WoW quests are too simple..... Get thunderfury for your tank.
  6. WoW and RS aren't on the same level. In fact WoW is so much better than RS it shouldn't even be compared to it. Just a brief point about Pking / PVPing. For instance, Pking in RS is all about levels. There is no 'pking skill' essentially. The higher your combat stats, better chance of killing the other player. PVPing in WoW is about individual skill. Don't get me wrong, better items do play a role, but at end game it really comes down to knowing how to use your character, knowing your strengths and weaknesses against each different class, knowing how a class will react to a manouvre of yours, knowing how to counter a manouvre or another class, etc. I'm an experienced RS player, played it for over 4 years. I did have a lot of enjoyable hours on it, don't get me wrong. But there is no comparison to the 6 months of enjoyment i have had from playing WoW. As for initially starting to play WoW; WoW definately is harder to understand at first when compared to RS, but knowledge is the basis of being good at the game. The more you understand, the better you are. Where as in RS, all you need is general knowledge and you can level your way to being the best without having skill. Noone can know everything about every class or every skill or every instance about WoW. I do remember a time when i knew everything about every city, every skill, every item in RS though, and i am sure plenty of people do today know almost all of RS's content.
  7. Would this be you? I thought your name was familiar, i went through my kill pics and found you... I remember the day this happened. You came onto your main and annoyed me. :D
  8. 'Runescape' did die. It died at the end of 2004, when its link was placed at the bottom of the mainpage. 'Runescape 3d' only exists now. Two very different games IMO.
  9. Would this be you Skrezz? Do you remember this by any chance? I was M A L T A a pb. =) And Btw, Maddeath was a fruit loop. I also hated his guts. Never fought me 1 on 1, and he raided my 2 dms with Lil [girls] - to which ofcourse she logged and he attempted to take me out. Check this out for some old school kills pics: http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=383857
  10. Yeah i remember you. I feel like goin for a load of lobbies to castle right now. But alas, it isn't meant to be.
  11. I've never attained anything of real value from someone else's death to an npc. I did however, loose a white p hat to a river troll. I was only 20ish combat, wearing my black (g) and white p hat. Just fishing at draynor. Someone knocked at my door, so i answered it (without logging out). When i returned, i saw the river troll hit its last damage on me. It was a 4. If only it was a 0 i might have survived. Meh thank god whites were only like 12 mill back then. Funny this is, when i ran back, i couldn't find anyone around who got it... and my pile was gone so it could have dissappeared. I hope it did. :D
  12. Hahaha i can't believe someone mentioned Rs Mafia. Me and him were like bumchums. All he ever did was whine about dying or not getting kills and he'd drag me out to pk with him. I was good friends with him for the best part of 2 years. Ain't talked to him in a long time, but i still do have him on MSN. He was pretty funny to be around. I was Playa--2c when i used to hang with him, who were you?
  13. Lost a white p hat to a river troll near draynor... some lucky son of a [bleep] would of thought it was christmas... I was only lvl 40 or so at the time, fishing and i went to answer the door. When i came back, i saw the troll hit the last 4 on me to kill me. I wanted to shoot myself.
  14. Hi. Yeah i remember you... You were 10 def? :P Always like 56 or so combat?
  15. What about when i killed you 3 times in 5 mins? :P
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