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    Baseball (red sox),football,(patriots),Classic Rock---Aerosmith, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Boston, The Beatles, Kansas, The Ramones...just to name a few...
  1. That was a great article. The desicion between an economical approach and a laid back one make a great discussion
  2. that would be a great feature...Support from me :thumbsup:
  3. Guard #740 Cockraoch Drone #1122 Highwayman #67 Unicorn #137 Dwarf #37 Cockroach Soldier #1124 EDIT:Done ~Howlin~
  4. I support You might want to add a drop-all option, though. It would really help with powermining.
  5. I see most of those titles next to a picture of a skill or skills of high levels. People are proud of the fact that they got that high level in F2P
  6. I don't like your idea about random events. There will be a lot of unhappy players who happened to get them by chance and now anyone can get them for free. Also, the were for everyone before, but some of the places you mentioned were in Member areas. I do like the I am muted option ,though, and I would like to see more items able to be lended. The bank notes from shops is another good idea
  7. Your going to get nowhere with that 250k, best you would ever make would be, maybe, 50k every 4 hours. I'll take anything at this point, I need to start somewhere...
  8. What do you think is the best item to invest in right now? I'm willing to use up to 250k.
  9. I had borrowed a santa hat earlier today and when I logged back on the timer had run out. So I put on my lederhosen hat and noticed my dredlocks weren't hanging out the back. I took the hat off and they still weren't there. Logged out and back on again, but still no hair. Should I go to the hairdressers?
  10. Get Limpwurt roots from hill giants/hobgoblins, and red spiders' eggs from karajama dungeon. Bring them to the apothecary in varrock with some money and have him make strength potions. Sell them on the GE at max price and they will sell instantly. A nice little profit
  11. I like the idea except you can only use the account with a combat level of 50+ once. If you can use it again and again, then macroers and autoers will run rampant.
  12. great idea! great pictures! Support from me :thumbsup:
  13. Support from me!! :thumbsup: Great idea and I love the pictures, you should make more =D>
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