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  1. Been a while since i looked at this blog :o (was semi-retired btw ;)) but you're doing great :D
  2. 5k coins, I lol'd. But a 100m reward+ 400k experience from a quest? Oh wow. 100M Reward? he ,eans 10m ;)
  3. now i need to do finnally get that quest cape :P the reward will give me like lvl 68 summoning straight
  4. it's 65 ;) I'm gonna do the myrecne questline now, only 41 qp left xd
  5. back to questing and training farming =D ah well, I enjoy those things... ;)
  6. horn of plenty :D hope you can have then one of it, if so.... cheap food xd isn't that like the horn used bye Hades in the greek mythologie?
  7. was happy that i found 3 coins in a drawer nah not rally my most appealing moment
  8. i just have 1 question, how did you airrun without ess or an airtalisman :-k plz if you make a lie for how you got your money, make it a good one. but beside that goodluck, lvl 3 skillers are hawt :thumbsup: just don't droptrade
  9. you will have lvl 11 pray from priest in peril :wink:
  10. is it possible to lose your pickaxe head while mining rune ess #-o didn't know that
  11. you can only get them from lvl 1 clues or from other players
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