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  1. The Sniper Rifle looks like I can warm up my meals in it.
  2. BTB is too boring for me, usually I end up just running warthogs into my teammates after about a minute. Mind-numbing, really.
  3. Who [bleep]ing cares?!?! Maybe they made a similar controller because people like the shape of it. What's Micorsoft going to do? Sue them for making a similar controller? I don't care, just saying what's what.
  4. There's a different between have a similar shape (see difference between the PS controller and the 360 controller) and having the exact same shape and only having the buttons be arranged differently. You truly have to be a huge Nintendo fanboy if you don't acknowledge that Nintendo ripped off the 360 controller.
  5. Dat Halo 4 footage.
  6. I'm still looking forward to the campaign, Spec Spartan Ops and Forge.
  7. NONE of that (except maybe the sprint, which isn't exactly bad, seeing as how they are super soldiers) was shown in that video. Way to pull all of that out of your ass. Who says I'm talking about that video? All the stuff that I've listed have been confirmed to be in the game in one way or another.
  8. Perks, AAs, loadouts, unlocks, default sprint, retarded weapon drops, select-able ordnance drops, bloom Halo 4 is going to suck.
  9. MW2 didn't have a shitty WW2/Vietnam setting.
  10. Don't start that shit lol BF3 is so good.
  11. You can still use the MAV as an elevator by the way. You just have to be prone.
  12. I bet you are the kind of person who blindly goes for objectives without looking around to check if there are enemies and you get killed over and over again.
  13. MW2 sucks MW3 sucks WaW sucks Black Ops sucks Go play CoD 4.
  14. Who the [bleep] has 71 upload and 5 download?
  15. TU Slayer doesn't change the damage of any of the weapons. It's still 4 body+1 headshot with the DMR. The reason why it may seem like you need less shots is because people are more vulnerable while having their shields recharge because of the bleedthrough. I tend to just go for headshots and I'd like to think that I fare fairly well.
  16. Holy shit, this must be one of the most retarded things I've read in quite a while.
  17. Yeah, did IGN get hacked by a person who can make decent articles?
  18. So there were other BF3 copies in the same store that were slightly more expensive? If so you're pretty dumb to assume it wouldn't be secondhand. Secondhand copies of recently released games are never much cheaper than new copies. Doesn't Gamestop have separate shelves for secondhand games? All gamestores that I've been to do that.
  19. Wait, did you buy it second hand? I don't get it. If you buught a new copy go back and tell them the code wasn't included and they'll give you one. If it's a second-hand copy you don't get the code. You have to buy it separately.
  20. Only if new games that were good shooters were actually released in place of it. :rolleyes: I find it somewhat disappointing that I finally agree with you. Battlefield 3 is okay though, just not enough to be the figurehead of the FPS market. Why's that? BF3 is too slow to be at the top. BF3 being slower isn't the problem. BF3 requires too much teamwork for it to become a really popular series. In CoD you can go in solo and [bleep] shit up. In BF that's not really an option.
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