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  1. Guide got deleted, anyone who can be bothered to find it in googlecache is welcome to re-post themselves.
  2. If you die and the cannon is set up you can go and get back from the dwarf, you cannot get back if you died with the cannon in your inventory.
  3. get mage or agility, both respected, both usefull.
  4. 18 views due to the title, but ur blog doesnt have any pictures, nor has it developed much, give it time, keep recording ur efforts, and eventually a few people will post.
  5. No, the door can be opened but you cant go into the shop, all you have to do is "close" the door with the close door option as the lady walks in/out, the door will then have an open door option, and can be open and closed like any other. this glitch gives no advantages whatsoever and so is probably not worth its own update just to fix it, it's a novelty.
  6. 600 black drags killed :P no visage.... ~300 steels aswell, I envy you....
  7. although I believe jagex creating pc, and so unbalancing the combat exp speed was a mistake, and I have never used it myself, I also think that using it is the most time effective way to train and since its there you may aswell, if you want to that is. Quit flaming him.
  8. Lunar is already THE best book in my opinion, but only because i rarely use high alc, i just collect all my alcables then take them down to the altar, alc away and switch back to lunar. one thing lunar does need is a teleport to lunar isles which doesn't require you to be on lunar magic, and also maybe reduce the cost of teleports a little (3 laws to teleport to catherby?? i mean COMON!)
  9. reward for body parts:10k mage exp (ye... i needed that...) 100 laws and 200 bloods.
  10. I know, but the monsters in the maze drop the other body pieces so you can return them all for a reward, i'm wondering if its worth my time and effort to collect all the pieces.
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