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  1. I want 95 prayer. Currently 77, construction71 Which bones to use? Estimated cost? I dont wanna use the most expensive method but neither the slowest method. Is something like normal dragon bones ok?
  2. Is there any way to make money with fletching/smithing/crafting/alching/herblore? Ive been making cannonballs + steel bars lately, not a big profit but raises my smithing and gives 100-150k gp/h. I dont really need high exp/h, rather something that doesnt involve too much running around (preferably sitting in a bank so I can chat more easily) that makes more money that im making now and gives some exp. I dont mind powerlevelling from my current levels to higher so I can use certain methods.
  3. Going for korasi, need levels for the quests, havent played much lately so Im not really familiar with the current costs/methods. Level 70 Construction, Level 70 Crafting, Level 70 Smithing Costs and training methods? Very expensive + fast methods vs slower + cheaper? Thanks in advance!
  4. I've got to Jad like 6times in a row, and died. Never dealt enough damage. I have 0 problems payer switching etc, I just just dont have enough damage to kill Jad after the healers come. When I reach jad I normally have like 4 brews and 7-10super restores, 1 range pot left, so I know that if its required I could bring a diff setup for Jad. I know my range level is ''low'' but I just cant be bothered to level it more, Ive killed Jad like 3years ago with this acc with range level like 75 so I know its easily doable, I just dont remember which setup I used back then. My gear: V helm & legs, armadyl chest, archer ring, snakeskin boots, culinoromancer gloves 10, avas acc, karils cbow. Questions: What range weapon/ammo should I use for Jad? Should I try mage Jad, and if yes, what gear/spell to bring? Or should I try some melee stuff? Also am I meant to focus the healers or Jad? If I remember correctly from years ago, even if you killed the healers they respawned?
  5. ok bad wording.. xD I never use mage for PKing so i kinda dont consider it cbskill :D
  6. I kinda wanna get 1-3 non combat 99s. I was thinking magic/fletch/cooking (yeah I know all of them are easy skills but im not looking for cool 99s >.>) I havent played rs for 2-3years so I dont really know the best training methods anymore. Im looking for as afkable methods as possible. When i got my 94 mage it was mostly alching yew longs or smth like that, is that still a good way of training mage and whats the cost nowadays? Also average costs/hours for each of those skills, and mb some others that I dont realise that are easy to level fast these days. Besides skilling all I do is PK/slayer/treasure trails/barrows(havent tried this since i came back, has something changed?) EDIT: As you can see my dungeoneering lvl is 1. Is it worth raising and how quick is it? Also what weapon should i be using for att/str training while slayer? Currently using winewhip for att and I have 0 str weps.
  7. Meh I had a mistype, I meant to say .5% If 2,000 santas is only 0.5% of the market, then you're implying there are 400,000 santas out there. In his 2006 tip.it times article, Duke Freedom estimates that there are 15,000 santas in the game. It's possible he was off by 1-5x, but there is no way he was off by 30x. Santas were dropped in the Christmas 2002, when RS had enough server capacity for around 16,000 people to be on at the same time. That over 24 hours could produce around 200,000-300,000 or more Santas being dropped (Assuming an average RS player plays for an hour to 2 hours a day) But probably not even half of the santas dropped at that time are still ingame/on active accounts. [/hide] I guess a small fraction of those santas are still in the hands of retired players. This may cause supply to sink a bit but since retired players may come back anytime, their supplies can also increase. which is why discontinued items are not always the safest investment. With that much money, you won't be able to afford any rares. But assuming you probably got some items leftover (you may need like 12m amount), sell everything you have since you're quitting anyways. well i guess i could get those last 10-20m if i sold all of my [cabbage], so anyway, what to buy(santa?) and is now a good time to buy it?
  8. Id like some help. I have 50-60m cash and im going inactive from rs for 6months/forever and id like to know which rare/expensive item could/should i buy that would atleast not drop in price(meaning to like to half of its current prise). Would be awesome if the item would actually rise in the next few years so if i were to come back then atleast i had made some profit while being away.
  9. runoilija92


    Are you sure that just isn't your internet? Dont know about his inet. But the servers are really [cabbage]. Even on worlds with ping <50 i have delay/lag/spikes. And for me, its 100% sure my internet. I have played so many other games where latency is so much more relevant to gameplay and on those games my connection seems to pwn compared to other people. Anyway obviously the pings displayed in worlds is just bs and has nothing to do with the real latency/delay.
  10. well he has 20 mil lol (from getting 99 fletching wich hes getting today if he gets on) and for fire giants idk why i was thinking they were for crimsons he made money from fletching?
  11. ^ isnt grammatically correctYou know what I meant :^_^: you also know what they meant. selfownt
  12. Ive been inactive for years now, and i notice there are some new potions(extremes & overload). So what would be the best way to raise my herb to 90-96? How much would it cost? How long would it take? Examples of some costly+fast/not too expensive+semifast/cheap+slow please =) I probably dont want to spend more than 50m on it
  13. For those who didnt know, the provider of your connection makes a big difference in the pings/lags. Sometimes the provider has the connection worked out so that for example when i live in finland, connect finnish server the way it goes = my home --> sweden --> server in finland. Then ofcourse the the speed of your connection & broadband/dial-up etc.
  14. Like they said, you dont wanna grind from 60-99... would just make you wanna quit rs. I grinded from 85-94, only alching everyday, took me about a week, 5-10hours of alching everyday. I suggest you raise your magic to 80-85 at barrows, casting slayer dart or smth, its not THAT bad exp and it will probably make some profit + its fun.
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