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  1. I find that for lower levels (people who can't hit 12 or more) the goblins in goblin village are good xp you kill them fast, and if you have 10+ hp they barely hit you. This used to be a very good way, but it's getting more crowded then it used to.
  2. I was about 12 combat and I got my fishing to somewhere around 30-40 and went to karamja and fished tunas, then picked up all the tunas people droped and sold to the store for 10 gp ea. I made 12k this way. But then i realized that if you just keep all of them and sail back to sarim you can sell them for more there because not as many people sell fish there.
  3. back when I was a member I'd get about 400k (selling bowstrings) then i'd buy bowstrings for about 160-180 ea, then sell on forums for 200 ea. I earned 2 mill in 1 day by doing this, so i'm sure you can too, unless the prices changed or somthing. Also it helps if you don't get distracted from what you're doing, and make sure you always have at least 500k so you can keep doing it if you run out of money again. But trust me this is a good way to make money. Me and my friend both did it and the rewards were great.
  4. My wishlist would definitly have to be.. Kill someone with full rune in wildy get 6 more rune scimis and last but not least, 70 strength.
  5. Why is it that no matter how many times you kill a chicken it will never drop 100% feathers? I mean it's a bird, no matter which one you kill it should drop feathers...
  6. Just to see what jagex would do, I made a new level 3 nub then went to the dwarven mines and automined, 1 week later the account was locked and I had 7.5 out of 10 black stripes or whatever they're called I forgot.. So jagex IS doing somthing.
  7. I'm looking for a runescape clan banner for RuneScape Avengers or RS Avengers. And also one for a website called "The Hackers" Note: The hacker website has nothing to do with hacking any illegal game, including RuneScape. It's simply for tech help and for PC, and other console related game help. Websites: RS Avengers The Hackers
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