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  1. Doubt you remeber me been really inactive for the last few months, but huge Congratz on all the progress you've made in the last year and back before you maxed. Glad to see you at the point you're are now, I know it wasent easy. -Sk8ter_here
  2. I see me : , Once again HUGE gratz on maxing, been fun watching you level over time. Hope to see you cont. and maybe now we can go sara together :thumbsup: Gratz Again you deserve it
  3. Gratz, I know you can get the mineing in no time. Taking a break from rs, should be back before you get 99 mineing : EDIT: How did the comp go?
  4. Very nice i would be pushing 4k now if i dident start droping them. And to the people who say its hard, its not when you really enjoy it they just blow by. 10/10 go for 5800 next.
  5. Its been a long hard road to 99 mage, with alot of quiting and coming back over these past two years. But i finally have my fav. skill to 99, and 1700 total. Over the past two years the levs just came to me, and i did'ent really start training until 87. It has cost me well over 100mil+ via alot of bursting, and dying. >55- Don't remember 55 to 70- Barrowing 70 to 84- Bursting in cwar 84 to 87- Bursting in cwar/dking 87 to 92- Bursting rock lobs (with one 15mil death) 92 to 97- String Jewellery (with a 17mil death, don't afk) 97 to 99- Had to alch as I am to poor to do anything else. I got my level at my fav. place in rs, CW. Pre-Party ----------------- The Level, and Gratz messages --------------------------------- Emotes ----------------- Mis. Pictures ----------------- There are alot of people i'd like to thank, and im sure I'm going to forget someone (please don't be affended if i do) Everyone in CWJ, and CWS for keeping me going in irc. Funihead, always a very positive and helpful person (gl on maxing). Mini, <3 always willing to help with everything, and anything. Fito099, One of my oldest friends that still plays always been there for me. Misterxman, One of the first to get me into cwaring leading to my 99 mage. B11g ballen, great friend always there for me. And everyone on my friends list once again thanks :wub: I know i ran on alot, a lil tired and excited at the same time which is very a very odd feeling lol.
  6. Congratz a cape i have always wanted. Figures the day you get it is the first day im back to work in 3 months lol. Very well deserved and gl with con, shouldent take to long as long as you got all you're planks.
  7. It has been a huge goal of mine for a while, and im finally here. I'm sure a few people may want to know what i did so. 70-83 all burst in castle wars, 83-87 bursting in castle wars/dks, 87-92 bursting rock lobs, 92-94 String jewellery. I have pced 42k xp (100 points) and did 600 alchs (excluding alching on slayer task and so forth). Cant put a figure on it since its been a long time and i rced alot of my runes. The end goal is 99, but idk when it will come. Rate out of 10.
  8. 90 in f2p is Crazy, i can't even do it in p2p. 9/10 As to all of the negative replys thats just how tip is these day, alot of people who think anything less then a 99 isent an achievment then flame anyone who gets one for "no lifing it"
  9. 8/10 I remeber training slayer forever to get that lev (at 72 cb) just for dustys then killed like 3 lol.
  10. 10/10 (mostly for the death and 3a kite, did you get all you'r 3a from ge? if so they hate me lol had offers in for 3 months on full 3a melle and range.
  11. Yeah i agree, main reason why i hardly come on tif anymore, gl with what ever you do (runescape community, has a very nice amount of people under achievments *hint*)
  12. Very nice guide, one thing you might change is you have whip, granite after whip, dfs while you should put whip/obby shield since obby has same def as granite with better str bonus.
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