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  1. I am at the part where you can get through dense fog and fight the level 110. How much longer do I have, mind you I dont like and am not that good at quests. Thanks
  2. I thought you said I had to only start it, not finish it
  3. I would rather do it without finishing regicide, I HATE quests that take longer than an hour to do, and I am pretty sure that this is a long quest
  4. I did look there, I hve 56 agility, I started regicide, but I cant get to this spot, How do I get there, I tried getting there using underground pass, but I can never get to that spot.
  5. I am stuck on the last part of a clue and have no idea how to finish it. The coordinates are 04 41 North 03 09 West. How do I get to this spot, and do I need any quests to get there. Thanks
  6. but I haven't finished watchtower. How do I get a replacement without finishing quest? THanks
  7. I can almost afford one. Is it worth it to spend all my money on one? Will they continue to drop in price?
  8. I have to get inside the city, but they asked me for a relic and kicked me back outside the city. What do I need to get inside the city to complete this clue? Thanks.
  9. best options 1. Slayer 2. Fire Giants
  10. yeah, good idea, gear up and give it a shot. Thanks
  11. I am 71 Att, 87 STr, 70 Def, I would use antifire and prayer pots, and super pots of Att and Str
  12. I am 96 combat, a lvl 80 told me that he kills mith drags for drops and that they are easy. I would use anti fire pots and prayer pots. Is it worth it at my lvl?
  13. rc, best way to make money, and mine you own ess also.
  14. with your stats, god wars dungeon, kbd
  15. DD's are great training, especially for that Dchain. I will think about using it next time. but how much do peaches heal for those 2 nats they cost?
  16. when do people use this spell, I am 75 mage and never used it
  17. very nice illustration, If you craft your own nats, it is more affordable.
  18. proof please. Oops. meant to say level 66
  19. that is strange, I am lvl 6 slayer and I have gotten them as assignment.
  20. iron seems the fastest but not for profit.
  21. it is more cheap than cheating, you mine to get ores, not to drop ores and just get exp.
  22. I was doing iron, but what do I do with all that iron ore. I made some into bars with ROF, and then made knives, but they dont sell. I am thinking of going back to bringing 10 addy ores (to superheat) to the coal trucks
  23. inlcuding getting the tokens 1-2 hours
  24. I would prefer not to powermine. It is like cheating
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