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  1. Ah thank you, no wonder it was taking me two trips I never thought of running under her to stop her attacking you, that's a very smart idea :
  2. I'd like to know how you manage to kill the kq in one trip 95% of the time :shock: I've done it about 10 times now (my stats are the same as yours except lower mage and higher prayer) and I've only ever managed to get her in one trip once. Most of the time I require two full trips (as in I eat all my sharks on the second trip also) Would you be willing to post an inv of what you take? or simply list the items. P.S I've seen you walking down there a few times ^^ firecape on and all, I'm much to scared to do that haha :wink:
  3. Wrong section? This section is fire player made guides. I suggest you visit the Help and Advice section and repost your question there :wink:
  4. You could also use tabs instead of runes to save more space, also pennace gloves would help to further reduce your weight :P
  5. Nice hit but I think the Kelris is capable of hitting higher.
  6. I don't know if anyone has already said this but; The only way you COULD have ended up with two pairs is to have been playing RSC when they were dropped. Then upon the release of the current RS declining the option that was given to you the FIRST time to move your bank over to the Current RS. Then logging on your empty rs2 (current rs)' account and getting a pair back from the lady in the Varrock clothing store. Then when they gave the second and final chance for you to transfer your bank over you had to accept. Which would then see you ending up with two pairs of bunny ears :P Note: this was also possible with Scythes and Gauntlets from the family crest. I've had two of each in my bank for along time now :) Just to avoid confusion if I haven't made it clear enough there is NO KNOWN current way to get another pair.
  7. Uhm i'm 123.85 now, one defence/hp level from 124 combat =D Sorry I don't have any pictures of my clues sorry but I didn't get that many good things, the best I got was Robin hood hat, Sara plate and Zammy kite. Other rune items I just got I alched.
  8. It was 88 90-99 attack 90-92 defence on ankous made me all of the money, (they drop level 3 treasure trails, blood runes, death runes, law runes, pure essence (noted), mith ore (noted) and addy arrows) I got lucky on a few clues, the rest I made from selling the above drops. :)
  9. Once again I really don't have a clue, sorry #-o
  10. Around 60M from 65~ I have no idea how much a gilded altar is since that one is not mine :P I only have 50 construction.
  11. One week of solid prayer got me this :P Completely broke now but it was defiantly worth it :
  12. As others have said, every image except one is not loading :)
  13. Does vulnerability work for mage attacks? I thought it only lowered the defence for melee attacks, if you get what i mean.
  14. I'm currently level 36 farming and wish to get to 49 (may as well make it 50) farming for a quest. I haven't done any farming since it came out pretty much. I was wondering what would be the best method to raise my level to 50? Thanks 8-)
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