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  1. There is already 60 pages of random hogwash. Who is going to go through all that? If they wanted to do it right then they would have started with a more focused concept that they wanted players input for. For example, we are making an easter event and want to involve brassica prime and the marimbo, please submit ideas about the story, the content, the rewards.
  2. They did put it in for him. If you read the last line, you can notice that there was an intent to release something along the requirement specially to please Omustardo (Castle Wars). Albeit it is not said directly it is the Castle Wars requirement (5k games at the time), it is pretty much a fact that it was that requirement due to him being the only one that has achieved this requirement at the time of release, along with the whole list of trimmed requirement that also was released. In other words, he was the only person who could wear the trimmed cape on release day. He wasn't the only one with 5k games played at the cape launch If you remember they awarded 1 game played per ticket. There were alot of other people with 5k games played just they didn't do everything like him. You know, the BS like livid farm, or all the collect the lore crap. Also, alot of people got shafted. Hell I have 6k tickets and only like 1200 games played because I stored the tickets as armor sets in the POH. But, you know Mod Timothy aka [wagon] can't be bothered to try and do things right. But, hey keep ignoring me and cheating me out of castle wars vet cape. I'm sure in May when my ten year anniversary is up they probably screw me out of that cape too...
  3. Now, where is this Castle Wars player? *Readies talons* He (Castle Wars) went to college. He had a youtube channel. I don't know if he still plays RS... he probably has a life now. Why develop more content for one person? Is he the only person sending them money?
  4. World of Tanks. Never heard of it but saw it streamed alot on twitch. After stumbling across The Mighty Jingles youtube channel I gave it go. I like his channel and I get his humor since we were born in the same decade. Anyway, the game is pretty addictive. Best thing to come out of Russia since before the communist revolution.
  5. I only play the vanilla version. If you don't like that then why even play? The mods don't make it any better. (Most are just porno crap). Also, have fun re-installing the game numerous times when load up mod that breaks it or breaks it only when combined with certain other mods. It's guessing games like that which really suck.
  6. I'm voting floor 61. It's payback time for losing a skill to a retarded town.
  7. Well, this is becoming a textbook case of how to run a company into the ground. I wonder how long before they start thinking about restructuring their company by laying off employees and start selling off their IP in order to ensure the creditors and the management get their going out of business bonuses. I wonder if their are any potential suitors for Runescape.
  8. I was wrong. It's actually more like 1 than 2. So, I bought it. I micromanage every battle in tactical mode just like 1 which was my biggest complaint of 2. Well that and the mundane story was constantly interrupted by juvenile, erotic/homoerotic trash bits. The graphics are top tier but it runs like crap so I have to save frequently for those crash moments. The camera needs help... it's too fiddly. The camera controls aren't that fluid and it gets bogged down when the camera inexplicably goes top down about 1 foot off the ground in some spots for no good reason. They dumbed down the AI of everything so it behooves you to turn it off on your guys. I like the guard/barrier system with minimal healing available. It definitely seems more strategic. The story is also far more interesting and 30 hours in I have yet to be involved in an idiotic flirting contest with a [bleep] or sexually harassed by anybody of the same gender. :D Although this may be due to the fact that I picked a female dwarf as my character....
  9. I have to ask, how does one actually win RuneScape ? Idiots throwing money at Jagex is a good thing if you think about it, it'll let them survive longer -> allowing YOU to play RuneScape longer. I don't see any problem in here. There is competition in Runescape over many things. If there wasn't then why would anybody real world trade in the first place?
  10. I don't think Jagex cares that they lost half their subscribers. They successfully turned their game into a run-of-the-mill pay-2-win game where the wallet warriors throw money at them.
  11. Well they might beat blizzard to the punch with this new FPS/MOBA genre if they don't dink around in beta too long.
  12. Thank god they are removing shadow cores from the daily challenge. I stopped doing them because that is some seriously miserable shit.
  13. I keep getting recipes out of the thing, 3 so far. One day I did get an unassigned damage multiplier which is pretty cool.
  14. They should of had just one completionist cape. The I-beat-every-aspect-of-the game-because-I-have-no-life cape. And it is only a cosmetic upgrade over the max cape. Instead they got all crazy with this crap and have 2 versions which are both better than the max cape... For those [bleep]ing now just wait for the spock city task list update to keep your taskmaster emote. It's going to be precious, trust me.
  15. Livid farm is the garbage requisite for comp cape. I can't believe you are going to [bleep] about 200 laps in pretty good agility course. You won't be unlocking much at livid shit hole in that amount of time.
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