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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Hello mate, I must say that this is one of the most interesting blogs you've ever created. I'll be eager to see the updates you provide to it, good luck getting 99 Slayer (and 99 Summoning). :) I would also like to add how I think you should purchase the ability to deliver killing blows quicker since it might make tasks like gargoyles more appealing, that's just my opinion though.
  3. [it's about 3 am and for some reason I saw this thread and the next thing you know I've written all this. I thought considering I took the time to write it I may as well show it to you all for your entertainment, sorry if there are any mistakes and such but I hope you enjoy it anyway. *yawns*] It all began four or five years ago in the summer holidays, I went up to a place near my old secondary school to meet up with a few friends. It was there that my best friend told me how Miniclip had now got this new game on it called Runescape. When I got home that evening I rushed onto my computer and found it as my friend had said. I was curious and starting filling in all the details for a new account. When it was time to choose a name I had planned on using Megasonic but it was already taken. I thought about it for a minute and then simply decided to add 99 on the end of it (I didnt know anything about the game of course such as the fact that 99 was the maximum number for a skill level). Finally it was done, Megasonic99 was born. When I first arrived on Tutorial Island, I was in shock, the graphics amazed me and the music was breathtaking. I felt like I had entered a whole new world of fantasy and danger. Excited, I proceeded and got through the tutorial as normal, for some reason I didnt actually seem to run into many problems until I got to Lumbridge, where the real adventure began. The tales of my low level days are still a bit of a blur to me, although I remember small memories like when I was getting ready to do The Restless Ghost with a friend, I remember thinking that me and my friend would have to team up against a boss in the form of a huge ghost, the idea of working together to defeat something seemed so thrilling back then. I also remember doing the quest Vampire slayer by switching to long distance magic when my melee just wasnt enough to defeat the vampire, it was the first time I really used some form of tactic to beat something and won. Megasonic99 grew into a young and eager warrior along with my best friend, who seemed to be a ranger even back then. Everything seemed perfect for a while until I met my first scammer; she was level 50 or so at the time and found me and my friend training. She seemed like a nice person and even gave me a rune chain body for free (although I couldnt even wear it at the time). She claimed that she worked for Jagex and set out to prove to us that she was telling the truth by lying to us, one of these lies included the house outside of Varrok (where you kill Lucien), according to her it was actually a secret meeting place for Jagex staff. Eventually after a night of following this trickster she told us that she could make us members for free, all she needed was our passwords. Being the naïve young fool that I was back then, I did give her my passwordand of course, I paid for it. All of my hard earnt items were now gone, my bank was empty; I nearly gave up on that day. But even with this major drawback I kept going and eventually became a paying member at level 78, it was around this time that I met my other best friend who joined us as we travelled the members world in search of quests and money. Back then, I loved quests and when the achievement capes were finally introduced I came up with my first major goal, to get a quest cape. I worked for months getting the necessary requirements as well as worrying about every boss monster I had to face. My work paid at off at level 94 when I got my quest cape, I wore it with pride and spent my days with it equipped along with my favorite white knight armor and white beret. The quest cape brought months of joy but after my friend got 99 cooking and was working towards getting a strength cape I realized that I needed to master a skill myself. At level 119 I finally became a master of Defence, on that day me and my friends marched to Lumbridge. The town where my adventure began all those years ago would become the place in which I would be given my first achievement cape. Ill never forget that day. I'm currently level 124 with plans on getting my next achievement cape. Now you may think my character is quite terrible considering the amount of years Ive had him and yet it doesnt bother me, Im happy with how hes turned out and after all, the adventure isnt quite over yet.
  4. Well, I managed to find this other image that I originally was going to use instead of the image I submitted about a page ago, if possible would you guys be able to use this instead of my other submission? Because this is very very last-minute I'll understand if you can't, sorry for being a bit of a pain. :oops: Forum Name: MegaJake Runescape Name: Megasonic99 Picture: http://img179.imageshack.us/img179/641/mega20082rz6.png
  5. Forum Name: MegaJake Runescape Name: Megasonic99 Picture: http://img75.imageshack.us/img75/7186/mega2008mt0.png I've been meaning to do this for ages, i'm not too late right? :ohnoes:
  6. VIDEO IS FINISHED! I can't believe you finally got it! Nice one man! Now you just need 99 hitpoints and you'll be the greatest cookie ever : Enjoy the video!
  7. I guess that nechryael liked your singing :lol: you lucky guy! Keep it up! 99 attack is sooo close!
  8. It's one thing to say your close to an achievement cape, but being close to TWO achievement capes, that's just amazing man! Well done on getting 71 crafting and 130 combat too! (sorry I missed both of them, i'll let you see my house as soon as it's ready).
  9. Aww, I was hoping to join you the next time you went spiritual mages :( good luck getting the cash though!
  10. \ Anyway about the update, the new mini game isn't bad and quite easy to get the hang of. It's just simply pushing and pulling certain coloured orbs to the altar with different wands. You travel to a load of different altars as well while getting a bit of rune essense so you can get free runes while playing. I can't really say how easily you'd get bored of it because i've only had a few matches myself. The omni talisman is quite interesting, you can turn it into a tiara (or a staff which looks funky) and there you go, instant access to ANY altar. The new teleport tablets are one of the best parts though, they're probably going to make runecrafting trips a bit quicker but they could also be used to just get around (wanna go to entrana? use a law tab!). Oh and how's your holiday man?
  11. :shock: The video is amazing man! Seriously, it has so many qualities that I haven't used in my videos (the credits were actually fun to watch) and the music went so well with it. The actual day was a bit stressful at times but it all worked out in the end. Thank you so much for a great day and for supporting me, I know there were times when you wanted to punch someone with your super strength. At least it's over now and we can look foward to the future (99 attack and hitpoints ftw?) I remember a few days ago when you asked me what I wanted to do next, well i've got a bit of an update on that. Firstly, I think i'll only get 85 strength and have a break from serious melee training. After that, I'm planning on getting 82 magic (or 80 if i'm lazy) and then i'm actually thinking of getting 99 ranged. I know it sounds unusual coming from me, the guy who always uses a sword over everything else but I just think it would be interesting to be a ranger instead of using melee like most people do. I'm still thinking about it though so feel free to give me suggestions ok man? Thanks again for everything! :
  12. You've come a long way man, this has got to be one of your biggest achievements to date : Somehow I knew you would eventually get 85 slayer, you have always been the experienced slayer who was willing to finish a task no matter how hard it was. My only regret is how much i'm gonna miss doing slayer with you, talking about the tasks we'd get, getting excited over rare drops, making fun of the slayer masters, good times. From now on when I think of slayer i'll remember those days and how you turned me into the slayer I am now, after all, it was you who finally helped me to kill metal dragons. Thanks for making slayer even better than usual. And if you can get this, there's nothing stopping you from getting 99 attack and hitpoints right?
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