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  1. Just got to 97 Ranged. Thinking I'll get to 99 sometime next week, then I'll try to go full-on with Smithing again. Gonna shoot for 92 Smithing before doing adding anything else significant into the gameplan.
  2. Picked up 87 smithing today. Also pushed over 4 million smithing xp. Also picked up some ranged xp today. Overall pretty solid production.
  3. Picked up 86 Smithing and 96 Ranged the past couple of days. Looking likely that I'll get 99 Ranged before 99 Smithing which is totally fine with me. Wouldn't mind getting my 99 count to 10 earlier than previously planned.
  4. Did a few rounds of pest control the past couple days, thinking about doing that as well when I get bored of smithing. Got to 95 ranged, figure I need another 2100 or so points, which will take me around 15 hours if I'm playing semi-afk. 86 Smithing will likely happen tomorrow.
  5. Decided to pick up a couple random levels today, those being 94 Ranged and 73 Herblore. Looking to get 86 Smithing tomorrow or Thursday.
  6. Finally accomplished 85 smithing. Nice little milestone for me. Took a break and did some budget duo Bandos with an old friend, picked up a Bandos hilt for a small amount of cash. Probably going to keep doing smithing and duo Bandos if I get bored for a while. Looking for a good way to make some money as well in the mean time.
  7. Got to 83 smithing today, and will probably get to 84 here later on. It is unlikely I'll hit 85 before I leave for a small vacation, but once I'm back I will be back to the grind. Going to be perhaps buying 99 Fletching here soon as well. Another goal of mine that I may add to my list of things to get done before the spring would be 2,200 total level, but as of now I'm not sure if I intend to grind 99s, or spread my levels out. Only time will tell :P
  8. Thanks bud! Been sick the past few days so I haven't played much at all. Did get to 81 smithing, hoping to get to the 85 milestone soon, but my next week or so is rather cluttered and I'm still under the weather. Hoping to continue to make some sort of progress.
  9. Got to 80 smithing a moment ago, as well as eclipsing 2 million smithing XP. Once I hit 85 I'll probably take a small break and level up some other skills before returning.
  10. This is coming a little late, but I have finally achieved 99 Slayer. This was also my 2,100th level, so I knocked both of those out simultaneously. Very happy with my new cape :) Moving forward, I'll be focusing on 99 Smithing, a level I've wanted since I started playing RS. Currently at level 77, started at 72. I believe I'll get to 99 some time in February.
  11. I know how that goes man. I think we all do :X Quick update: Now 80% of the way from 98 to 99 Slayer. Obviously my plan to get to 99 on Sunday went awry as several RL things came up. But I'm still on my way, and hopefully by this Sunday I'll have my cape. Also, I'm 3 levels away from 2,100 total level. Not sure which will happen first between 99 Slayer and 2,100 total level, but both will be arriving soon :)
  12. That almost 2,400 total level though :wub: Update from yesterday: Got 93 Ranged on a Slayer task, eventually going to get 99 there but not an immediate goal. Probably just something that will happen. Hoping to play more later on today. I'm just short of 50% from 98-99 Slayer, by the end of the day I'd like to be about 2/3 of the way there.
  13. Oh, you know, just trying to get 99 Slayer on and off over the last three years. How's everything, dude?! Quick update for today. Got another couple firemaking levels just for the hell of it, as well as one Divination level. I'm now just 7 levels away from 2,1000 total. I'm also under 800K experience to 99 Slayer. Won't be online nearly as much Tuesday, so hopefully I can get a big chunk of that necessary XP on Wednesday.
  14. HI BB! WELCOME BACK. OMG HI GOODNESS HOW I'VE MISSED YOU <3 Also went from 61 to 63 Firemaking yesterday for no real reason. Just felt like getting a couple levels. Still on pace for 99 Slayer this week.
  15. I was going to wait to post pictures, but I can definitely list some levels since returning a couple weeks back :P So, I've been playing Runescape on and off for the last year now (consistently over the past 2 months), originally just playing Oldschool RS. I leveled an account to 99 Fishing in ORS, and had about 30M in cash in my bank. Unfortunately, my account was compromised and I lost everything. So, I decided to return to my RS3 account. As one might imagine, the game has changed a lot since I last seriously played it (About 2010 since I last played on an even weekly basis), and I had been discouraged from returning because of all the new things I would have to learn. My gear is extremely out of date, but I've found it fairly easy to simply play legacy mode despite the slow xp returns. In an above post I mentioned I was keeping a slayer diary from 95-99. That diary is lost now, but I have been keeping any drops I get in my bank for a massive GE selling spree after 99 Slayer. Because my gear is weak (barrows armor, whip, DFS, ect) and I'm playing on legacy mode my XP gains have been slow, but I have no issues with that, I'm enjoying the game again. I'm aiming to hit 99 Slayer by the end of next week. Here are some of the levels I've achieved over the last month of playing a couple times a week: -96-99 Slayer -75 Farming -72 Herblore -52 Divination -80 Prayer -92 Mining -92 Ranged I'm also 11 levels away from 2,100 total level. After 99 Slayer I plan on going after 99 Smithing and Mining, as well as perhaps getting my summoning to 99 (I have around 28K charms banked and am currently at 69 Summoning). I'll keep this updated as frequently as I can, and as I mentioned, I'll have pictures up when I get some worthwhile levels :)
  16. Back to the game for the time being. Currently 98 Slayer, should get my 9th 99 in a week or so. I'll be posting a few pictures when that does happen :) Nice to be back.
  17. So, for the first time in nearly two years, I will have a computer all to my lonesome again. Very excited about getting back into RS, and from the looks of it, I have a lot of catching up to do. I look forward to once again filling my blog :) Old blog is old.
  18. Two new levels: 71 Herblore: 70 Agility: I never honestly thought I would get my Agility level to 70. Did a run of Troll Invasion, and wham. Got it. It's my 18th 70+ level. Also: I'm under 200k to 96 Slayer. Hopefully I can get that over the course of this upcoming week :).
  19. Under 250K to 96 Slayer. Making slow, but steady progress on that. Hoping to get 96 by the end of the week.
  20. Quick little level: One more for another 70+, and unlocking the Sara GWD (super nub, I know).
  21. Just a couple small notes: Eclipsed 1 million xp in Farming. Also, I'm under 9K xp to 71 Herblore.
  22. About 1/3rd of the way from 95-96 Slayer, and a little less than halfway from 91-92 Mining. Also hit 14M xp on both Attack and Defence. Should be getting a level up in Farming and Herblore in the next week. Hopefully my Slayer tasks will keep producing good profit and xp-per-task.
  23. So, this was an interesting drop: Anyway, I guess this is a good time to say I'm going to be attempting to get 99 Slayer and Mining. I'm keeping a diary from 95-99 Slayer, and a drop tab just like I did for 99 Attack and Strength. Slayer is probably going to take me a month or two, Mining probably more, so I'm going to be setting other, smaller goals in between then and now. I'm hoping to get a prayer level or two throughout this journey, and hopefully at least one ranged level. Along with that, I should be getting enough charms to go from my current Summoning level all the way to 95. And away we go.
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