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  1. I'm sad I haven't seen you. Hopefully that will change soon :). Playing time has been limited these last few days. Been mostly doing Slayer tasks and the occasional clue scroll, both of which have produced a few hundred-thousand gp, the most noteworthy of which is the current Spirtual Mages task I'm on, which has yielded 3 pairs of D-boots. At the end of this task I'll be about 30% of the way from 96 to 97 Attack, and 60% of the way from 90 to 91 Slayer. After reviewing my charm count, I'm heavily considering just getting 88 Summoning over the next few days. That'll put me at 130 Combat, which is a mark I've sought after for a little while now. Here's the levels I hope to have by the end of the xp weekend: -88 Summoning. -97 Attack. -91 Slayer. -61 Farming. -46 Construction (Through TOG). -88 Ranged. Let's hope this is a good week.
  2. First off, mega-hugantic-ginormous congrats on the visage. I remember when I got my first one years back and I really didn't know what it was until I sold it. And then my second one I freaked out. It's an awesome feeling, and I'm happy you got it, because you worked your backside off for it :D. 99 Ranged shouldn't be too much of an issue after the visage quest :P. Keep it up buddy, you're doing fantastically :)
  3. Thanks a bunch man :). And thanks for checking up on me, I'm glad to see people whose blogs I've followed and have followed mine for a while now are still alive and kickin' :D. OHaiDark. I don't believe I've seen you recently :(. Come back to me. Progress: Two levels: Going to try and get 90 Mining and eventually 99 Attack. Originally my 7th 99 was going to be Smithing, but I'm considering maxing Attack, Strength, and Ranged first. Maybe just the Melee two. Also finished the following quests: -Demon Slayer -What Lies Below. -Shades of Mort'ton. -Troll Romance. I'm thinking I might go ahead and level my Summoning past 80 during the xp weekend. It's probably going to be a mix of that, and Mining. Hopefully more to report soon :D.
  4. A few levels to report, (all unpictured :(), and a new goal. Levels I've gotten over the past few days: -47 Dungeoneering. -63 Runecrafting. -65 Thieving. -66 Herblore. -58 Agility. Levels coming up: -96 Attack (Going to go for 99). -89 Mining. -88 Ranged. -Hopefully a few more Dungeoneering levels. I also want to get the Curses for prayer, even though I'm not able to use the better ones right now. That requires me to do a TON of questing, which, if you've followed my blog at all, you'll know I don't like to partake in. The list of quests I have to do (in order) is: Demon Slayer (I know, I know) --> What Lies Below --> Defender of Varrock --> Shades of Mort'ton --> Troll Romance --> The Tale of the Muspah --> Prince Ali Rescure (Again, I know) --> The Golem --> Missing My Mummy --> Wanted! --> Curse of Arrav --> Devious Minds --> The Temple at Senntistein. This chain will bring me (if I've done my math correctly) 21 Quest points, and a couple new levels. I'm hoping I can knock this out over three or four days. Here goes nothing.
  5. Couple of nice levels to report: Now up to 127 Combat. I've also gotten up to 59 Thieving. I plan on getting that to 61 tomorrow, and then seeing if I'd like to keep leveling it through Plunder. Also back on my Slayer kick. Going to do a couple tasks to relax a bit, and probably mine for a little while. Trying to decide what my next long-term goal will be. I want to get 80+ Dungeoneering, but that'll likely have to wait.
  6. Picked up 88 Mining yesterday, but lost the screenshot :(. Oh well. I've always been a big fan of mining, and I've been considering going for 99 for a while now. The fact that it's such a huge grind does make it fairly difficult to imagine, though. I've also picked up a few Thieving levels, and plan on getting that up more and more in the coming days. I'm also under 2k to 95 Attack, and about 150 xp away from 72 Prayer, which I believe will put me at 127 Combat. I'm now at 46 Dungeoneering, and plan on getting that to 80 and beyond so I can get the Chaotic Rapier for Slayer/Boss Hunting purposes. Should be an interesting next couple of weeks. More new goals are coming :D.
  7. Some of the stuff I sold: Total profit: Got up to level 43 in Dungeoneering a couple days back, and am hoping to continue that. I've also been doing Barrows quite a bit lately. So far I've done around 30 chests. Currently only have received a Warspear, so hopefully my luck will make a turn for the better.
  8. Next up on the selling list are the resources I gathered while getting levels such as 85 Mining, 99 Woodcutting, and doing MTK. Logs: 14,883 Yew 15,382 Magic 81,502 Maple 17,870 Willow Ores: 39,518 Coal 660 Runite Seeds: 81 Willow 13 Calquat 27 Papaya 32 Curry 14 Palm 36 Maple 14 Yew 8 Magic Herbs: 1,000 Irit 400 Kwuarm 988 Birds nests. I'm already up over 20M in sales from the Slayer/HP/TT rewards. Today is a very good day.
  9. Wow. Finally, I can relax on combat. Took me nearly five months to get from 98 to 99 (mostly because I didn't play much for about four of those months), but I finally have my sixth 99: Now, I get to sell what I collected between 98 and 99 HP: Also included, but not pictured: -340 Sapphires/151 Emeralds/150 Rubies/34 Diamonds (All cut). -13 Rune Plates/12 Rune Legs. -52 Rune Hatchets. -12 Black d-hide bodies/18 Legs. -20 Rune C-bows/320 Rune Bolts. -32,025 Pure Essence. -2,492 Death Runes/3,560 Chaos Runes. Even more coming soon :)
  10. Triple TT reward? Robin hat!? Thank you, Desert Strykeworms :D. Under 20k to both 90 Slayer and 99 HP. I'll probably get those Tuesday, as I will be occupied tomorrow and Tuesday.
  11. Well, 1,900 wasn't the leveled in the skill I thought it would be, but I'm happy nonetheless: Currently under 385k to 99 HP, under 200k to 94 Attack, and a little over 180k to 90 Slayer.
  12. 8th 90+ level: Now just one level away from 1,900 total. That'll probably be either Prayer or Attack, depending on my Slayer tasks. I've also passed the 2/3 mark between 98 and 99 Hitpoints. Hopefully I'll land that in about ten days.
  13. Oh, I should also probably post this: 90 should be coming right around the same time as 99 HP.
  14. It's been a while, blog. I'm still alive, and still playing the game with fair frequency. I still have my goal of 99 HP (which I am about 445K experience away from getting), 99 Smithing, and a giant cash pile. Here's a random level: Hopefully I'll have something more significant to update in the coming days. I plan on getting back to this blog daily.
  15. Haven't updated the blog in a couple days. Figured I should get back on that. Had another Elite clue today, but it didn't produce anything. That makes me 0/6. Also had a Hard clue that resulted in under 50k worth of loot. Clues haven't exactly been my friend lately. The good news is that I'm under 875k to 99 HP. So that's getting a little closer, at least. Nearly 1/3 of the way there from 98. I'm also under 75k to 89 Slayer. So some good things are on the horizon.
  16. Couple of interesting things to post. First, I finally did my Aberrant Spectre Champion Scroll: Then, I leveld Strength: I also had my fifth Elite Clue Scroll, but, as with the previous four, this one held nothing in the way of a Treasure Trails specific reward. I also did a Hard clue, but that too held nothing. I currently have a Nechs task, and I landed a pair of rune boots and a clue so far. We'll see how this goes.
  17. Couple of random levels. Decided to try out hunting chins. Lots of botters :( Collected my MTK resources. Leveled Herblore: About 10% of the way from 98-99 Hitpoints. Currently on an Abbysal Demon task with a clue in my inventory. Hoping for some nice drops after skilling for the last few days.
  18. A Fishing goal? That's a great idea :D. Free cookng xp and you get to profit off of all you're experience. Keep it up Beer! And hey, you've got a higher Dungeoneering level than I do :P
  19. If I could, you know I would Beer :P. Thanks for checking in on me again. Got to where I wanted to be in terms of leveling Hunter: 10 levels away from 1900. Back to working on HP/Strength until I hit 99 Hitpoints :D.
  20. Continuing to level my Hunter: The more significant level: So I'm one level away from my 6th 99. I hope this doesn't take forever.
  21. Haven't had the opportunity to play much lately, as I've had a very busy last few days. I did get some things done during that time, though, and I got quite a bit done today. A few days ago, I had a pretty awesome Spiritual Mages task. In my first 25 kills, I had three Dragon Boot drops. Three. That's got to be some kind of record: Ended up with five pairs of boots at the end of the task. Here's a picture of my final inventory: After that day, I only really had time to log on to do MTK and check some GE things. That brings us to yesterday, and today. Did a TOG run, leveled up Dungeoneering: Had a clue scroll from a slayer task, so I did that. Got my third Pirate hat and second Rune H1 Kite: Then, I went from 52 to 57 Hunter: Now back on my Slayer tasks. Currently have an Aberrant Spectres task. Last time I had these I had four clue scrolls during the task, but none of them held a TT reward. Even if I don't manage to get any good rewards from this task, it should put me either very close to, or just over the experience needed to reach level 98 in Hitpoints. Under 20k to 98 right now :D
  22. Thanks Beer :D. I might just take a shot of it one I get 98 HP, which should be within the next few days. Today, I had an Aberrant Spectres task which held a total of four clue scrolls, none of which held any TT rewards. Then, I got a Jungle Strykeworms task, which, about 25 kills in, produced my fourth Elite clue (the previous three of which held no rewards). My fifth clue of the day surely would hold something of value, right? Wrong. So now I'm finishing up my Jungle Strykeworm task, gettng a new one, and hoping for some better luck.
  23. Here comes a rather large post. So, I ended up totaling 3 Granite Mauls from that Gargoyles task. That gives me seven of those in the bank. I like that. A nice little level: So I'm halfway to 99 in Attack. Maybe I'll get that sometime after Smithing. Now, on to the more interesting part of this post. First, a double reward from a clue: Third, and fourth straight head piece rewards. I wasn't complaining :P Then, I got a Desert Strykeworm task, and landed an Elite clue halfway through it. I was completely convinced I was about to make millions. Two Celtic knot puzzles, three puzzle boxes, four aarows, and three orb scans later, I got this: A nice little drop, but nothing elite. Bittersweet best describes that reward. Finally, this came to me: So my Treasure Trails luck has been going strong lately, even though my drops have been somewhat lacking. It all balances out, I figure. Finishing up my Desert Strykeworms task. About 35 left. Hopefully 98 HP/Constitution will come along in the next few days.
  24. An Abbysal Demon task, and a Desert Strykeworm task, and no clues, whips, or anything else of note. Got this, though: Just got a Granite Maul from my new Gargoyles task. So that's a nice plus. Hoping to scrounge up a clue to top it off.
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