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  1. Also worth noting: I'll probably get to 1850 total level this week. If I can make some serious progress on my Woodcutting goal in the next two weeks or so, I'm going to try to make my 99 Woocutting date coincide with 99 Defence and just knock them both out at the same time.
  2. Racked up 250K in Defence xp today. Leveled up fairly early in the day: Clue scroll from my Desert Strykeworm task made a modest profit by rewarding me with Guithix page #4: After the Desert Strykeworm task, I got a Gargoyle task, which so far has produced two clue scrolls, a starved ancient effigy, and a black mystic top. With under 30 kills left, I'll get my new task and save the clue for tomorrow. No Woodcutting xp today. I took the day off from choppin' to do some Slayer and get 96 Defence. I'm now under 75K to 86 Slayer, and creeping closer to 97 Hitpoints.
  3. Sundays have been good to me lately. I went from 42 to 52 Hunter (I don't feel like it's necessary to post all the level up shots, so I'll just post 43 and 52): Moving onto Woodcutting. I hit another somewhat significant mark: Currently under 700k to 98. I can feel my fourth 99 creeping up ever so slowly. I also collected my resources from my kingdom, which put me over 105M in banked cash, and helped me to get this: And, as usual, I did a TOG run today, which brought me this: Other updates worth noting: -Under 150k to 96 Defence. -Under 500k to 97 HP. -Under 125k to 86 Slayer. Goals for this upcoming week: -86 Slayer. -96 Defence. -62 Hunter. -Finish my 100th straight Slayer task. -100M total xp? -Get under 300k to 98 Woodcutting.
  4. Next will be 70m which is where I sell ALL my loot :P Absolutely incredible. I'd love to see that cash pile after you sell it all. Congratualtions on both the achievement, and your paitence :P Oh, and 10/10, just in case that wasn't implied.
  5. Some random skilling: Also did a Jungle Strykeworm task, and got my first Elite clue scroll. Nothing too exciting, but I finished it, and I really enjoyed it. I hope to be getting more of those.
  6. Well, today did in fact turn out to be a big day. First, I did my weekly TOG run and picked up another couple levels in Dungeoneering: Then, as expected, I chopped 150 Magic and Yew logs, and got this: Since I was already three days ahead of schedule, I decided to take the rest of the day off of Woodcutting, and mined for a little while. That brought me this: And then, just about an hour ago, my Adamant Bars (from my Aviansies trip) sold, which put me over 100M in cash for the first time in my RS career: *Also included in the above picture is my current Magic/Yew log count, and Coal/Gold Ore/Runite Ore counts. Today was the culmination of a week's work. As I usually do on Sunday, I'll set myself a few goals for the week and see how they pan out. I think I hit just about everything I wanted to this week. What I hope to get done this week: -11M Woodcutting XP. -96 Defence. -Collect resources from MTK (Nov. 21st). -61 Herblore (Through MTK) -Anywhere from 27-30 Dungeoneering. -7-10 total levels in the week.
  7. Why thanks Ant. I'm happy to see you still browse my blog from time to time :P. Since I haven't worked my Range in ages, I decided to do an Aviansies trip, which brought me 87 Ranged: After 905 kills, I walked away with 800+ Addy bars, 400k+ in cash, and some runes: This trip also put me under 600k to 97 HP. If all goes to plan, tomorrow should be a big, big day. Two or three new levels and a couple of bank updates.
  8. Thanks Vold :D. Rise Against is far and away my favorite band. Nobody even close to their level in my personal opinion. I had to drive 400 miles to see them last time (last December), but it was so worth it. Thanks for checking in :P I'll keep the rest of this post short. A quick update: -97 Woodcutting is due up this weekend. -86 Mining is due on Sunday. -Did a lot of ranging for Slayer tasks recently. I'm under 100k to 87 Ranged, under 200k to 86 Slayer, and under 400k to 96 Defence. On a Dags task today, I got a medium clue scroll. I'll end this post with the result of that, boosting my cash pile a whopping 40k gp [/sarcasm]: Actual things of interest this weekend :D.
  9. So, as previously mentioned, I took the day off from Woodcutting to do some Slayer, a skill that I haven't trained in probably a year or so. My tasks included Bloodvelds, Black Dragons, Kalphite, and Abbysal Demons. During my Demons task, I hit 10M Hitpoints (or rather, Constitution) Xp: About 30 kills after eclipsing the 10M mark in HP xp, around 50 kills into the task, I got my 5th ever whip drop: After getting the drop I promptly decided that it was time for bed. Mide as well go out on a high note for the night. Tomorrow it'll likely be back to Woodcutting, although I might decided to do another Slayer task or two and get 86 Mining at some point. Maybe I'll save that for later on in the week, though.
  10. Not as rich as you. I think your Nature rune count equals my bank worth. Thanks for checking up on me :P. Decided to do a couple slayer tasks to break away from Woodcutting. During my bloodvelds task, I hit 9M Defence xp: More to come.
  11. Holy wow :o! Halfway to 99 Slayer, eh? That'd be another nice cape to add to that collection you've already got going. Add Herblore and Prayer and you've got three very respectable capes. Some clue scroll drops too? You have been quite prodcutive lately, Vold. Keep on having fun and making me jealous :P
  12. Weekend update: TOG brought me from 21-23 Dungeoneering: Then, after I collected my resources from my kingdom (which included 5,800 Maple Logs), I decided to burn around 100 logs to get this 61 Firemaking: As I said, I lost about a half day's progress on my Woodcutting goal between Friday and Saturday, but today I got back on track and eclipsed the 12,000 Magic Log count. Then, I sold some of my herbs from my kingdom and made around 1.2M, which allowed my cash pile to hit 97M: I also managed to mine a little bit this weekend, putting myself under 100k to 86 Mining. Maybe I'll get that sometime this week. As mentioned, I withdrew my resources from my kingdom last night. Plenty of herbs and seeds. From my 60+ birds nests, I got a lot of good seeds, including a magic, and 2 yew seeds, among others. Between the crushed nests and seeds taken out of them, I had nearly 1M worth of items, and that's without my herbs, herb seeds, and logs. Plans for this week: -97 Woodcutting. I'm shooting for Sunday, November 14th. -25 Dungeoneering. I'm taking this skill slowly. I probably won't seriously start to train it until I get 99 Defence and Hitpoints. -86 Mining. Should be a good week :D.
  13. Update from this weeked coming tomorrow afternoon, which will include: -Woodcutting progress. -A couple new levels. -Kingdom managing. -Bank growth. -Updated goals.
  14. Log count after today's round of Woodcutting: I'm roughly 3 1/2 days ahead of schedule as of now, but it's likely that I'll lose a day or two over the weekend, so by Monday I'll end up around 1-2 days ahead of schedule. However, I should be able to do another TOG run this weekend, and I'll be collecting my resources from my kingdom as well. Gonna do some Runite mining for tonight, and then see how the weekend plays out.
  15. Hit 8 figures on my Woodcutting xp today: More good news: Runite ore, Magic Logs, and Yew Logs all went up today. Now if coal will just get back over 300 each, I'll be more than satisfied. I didn't get a screenshot of it, but I did do some Dungeoneering yesterday and rose to level 21. Gonna try to put myself two days ahead of schedule for my Woodcutting goal, and then do a Runite run or two. Perhaps I'll even get the chance to do some combat-related activities with my remaining time tonight.
  16. Thanks Utopia :D. Rise Against is my favorite band, far and away. I've even got the word "Survive" tattooed onto me. Die-hard fan of that band, and as I said, they're easily my favorite musical group of all time. Woodcutting update coming tonight. Should break the 10M xp mark once I get back on.
  17. 99 Magic is an excellent goal :D. I'm sure you'll find that it's worth it in the end. Plus, you can make a little money on the way to getting that cape :P
  18. Got this today: According to my Woodcutting goal sheet, I'll reach level 97 on November 17th (my goal is to get 99 Woodcutting by New Year's Eve). I think I'll likely get 97 a couple days before that if I can keep making progress at the rate I currently am. I'll also break the 10M xp mark in Woodcutting this week.
  19. Got this today: Now back on track for my Woodcutting goal. Here's what my log count looks like: Currently doing a Runite ore trip before bed. Should be a nice, relaxed weekend :D.
  20. Awesome goal! Very original concept. I think you'll be able to pull it off. It looks like you've got a good plan going. I wish you the best of luck :P
  21. Thanks very much Vold. Hopefully I'll catch you in-game soon :D So after a long, busy weekend, I'm back in the game, and working on my Woodcutting goal (which I've now fallen off pace on). A quick update: -Over 9.5M Woodcutting xp, level 96 due up on Friday. -Gathered resources from my kingdom, made about 1.75M. -Eclipsed the 96M mark in bank cash. I should get back on track for my Woodcutting goal within the next couple of days, and hopefully I'll have some time to do the skilling/monster hunting I've been looking forward to.
  22. As previously mentioned, it's been hard for me to find time to play these last few days, but I've managed to do a few productive things with the limited time that I've had. What I've gotten done: -Kept up with my Woodcutting goal. Now ~130k xp ahead of schedule, and 75% of the way from -Eclipsed 10,000 Magic, and 8,000 Yew logs in my bank. 8,000 Magics and 9,000 Yews left to cut.* -Kept up with my kingdom. -Did a Runite ore run. -Went from level 14 to 17 in Dungeoneering through TOG. I've got some good things coming up in the next 5-7 days, including: -96 Woodcutting. -Collecting my resources from my kingdom. -A Spritual Mages/Pest Control day to train Defence and Hitpoints. -Some random skilling to break away from the Woodcutting routine, including any/all of the following skills: Construction, Firemaking, Mining, Farming, Ranging, and/or Dungeoneering. This next week holds some new levels, and hopefully a little luck. Really looking forward to it :D
  23. Haven't been on much the last couple of days as I've been busy with things outside of the game. Getting back on track with my woodcutting goal today. In-depth update coming tonight.
  24. Two more levels! Keep going Vold! And sorry I missed you when you chatted me, I was afk-ing woodcutting. I'm sure I'll see you soon :D
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