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  1. The posed question assumes that the 126 didnt auto the combat lvl up.
  2. ill be there, not for the party, but to congratulate you. ..ok, maybe for the party too :D
  3. yes, this is a purely hypothetical question derived from an event I thought was happening.
  4. This is a hypothetical situation in which the level 126 IS, in fact, autoing. We know the chances of a level 126 are far less than the chances of a level 3 autoing, but that is not the issue to be debated. thank you...: )
  5. The top five list, at least in my opinion: Least Admirable 5. Attack 4. Strength 3. Hitpoints 2. Cooking 1. Fletching Most Admirable 5. Slayer 4. Crafting 3. Farming 2. Herblore 1. Mining Although I am a bit biased, Since I love mining and know how hard it is to stick to it. :P
  6. ban: 22 dont ban: 1 ban, unless it's chuck norris: 1
  7. more bank space is a-o-k with me. I'd say another 2-3 rows would suit everyone just fine. =D> You've got my support!
  8. i say most definatly yes. 8-). I mean, its just as admirable, if not more in some cases. I think there should even be a way for you to show that it's f2p. It would be rad!
  9. yay! our first DONT BAN vote! Now its an official debate.
  10. lol thanks! someone bump me into the correct forum please. Thanks much in advance! :thumbsup:
  11. oh and to a mod...could someone bump this into a autoers-macroers page please?? Sorry about that :oops:
  12. Recently, I saw a couple of lvl 126's whom I suspected of auto-fishing. I did not report them, since many 126's refuse to talk or do anything but focus on what they are doing, and I have no problem with that. But, here is my posed question to everyone...If a combat level 126 is autoing, should they be banned instantly, or given a second chance? My stance: Although the player has prooven him/her self as a good and fair player of the game (assuming he didn't auto kill anything), the penalties should be stiff. I vote that the player should be banned. Do they diserve a second chance? Does the mass amounts of legit time they spent outweigh the hours they didn't? You decide. I'd be interested to see if anybody will take the "Dont ban" side. It would make for a fun debate \ Votes: Ban: 61 Don't Ban: 6 Ban, Unless its Chuck Norris: 7
  13. examine big bones---"Ew, its a pile of bones" examine spinach roll- "A homemade spinach thing"
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