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  1. sorry to hear about your main...but you'll be fine with your new acct...It'll just take some time to get used to it : Gl Bro!
  2. hey wakka!!! Welcome back. I haven't posted on your blog ever, but I have been watching out for your return ever since I heard about you. Congrats on finding the balance man. I'm sure you'll make better decisions with your time. Much respect Nomore
  3. I just chose a few things to respond to: 1. This is a GREAT point, and it truly annoys the heck out of me. I hate it when people stand outside the banks just for attention. Get over yourselves. 2. I highly doubt that 40+% of the people that play this game are 13 or under. I really do. All you have to do is go to the trade worlds to see that about 90% of those people are adults or mature teens willing to do good business with you. As for the scamming. You stated that most people try to scam. Woah, hang on. I'd bet that 98% of the RS population hasn't EVER tried to scam. So, no. 3. Again, every single person uses leet speak??? Just because someone says w00t, or h4x, or something once does not mean that they aren't just joking around and mocking those who constantly use it. I'd bet that 95% of the population at least tries to speak normally, if not more. KK and lol aren't leet speak either, considering they were invented on things like AIM. The dancing, yeah, its annoying, but seriously, you don't see it as often as you make it out to be. I see that like once a week, and I'm on often enough to see it a lot if it happened a lot. 4. About the whole "It takes no education to play the game" thing...Try to go PKing in the wildy and NOT get killed with a second grade education. STR pures can own anyone who isn't fully prepared, so I would think a 2nd grader probably would get owned. That goes for mage pures, and range pures as well. If you aren't smart, you'll get owned. As for skills, well, if a kid is under 13, you really think he has the stick-to-it-tivness to pull off a 85+ in any non CB skill?? Finally, you say the game revolves WAY to much around money. Um...maybe you should log off WoW and look around the real world man. The WORLD revolves around money, WoW is actually giving you a bigger escape from reality becaue it gives you no economical power. Money makes the world go round, but apparently the World of Warcraft doesn't care. One final thing: So how about that $15 for the WoW accounts??? You think they really care that much more. They ought to care 3x as much, and RS updates weekly. Who cares more?
  4. I love them BOTH. I am going to be using them both all the time now. Thanks so much guys!!!!
  5. SO CLOSE to that 99 fishing man. I love it. Congratz in advance!!! I respect the cape so much. I know the kind of dedication it takes.
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